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eBooks and Online Courses

Books and courses are available online

CIMC now offers electronic versions of many of our products. Several Agricultural Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, Practical Nursing, and Technology Engineering titles are available through either Kno or our ICAT store.

What is Kno?

KnKno logo - smallo, available on iPad, Android, Web, Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines, delivers the same eTextbooks that teachers and students are used to, only better. With over 70 free and interactive features, Kno makes learning more engaging, interactive and efficient. The next step in digital content is here, without ever changing the core content.

Tools for Instructors

Social Sharing: Teachers can share their highlights, sticky notes and bookmarks directly with their students and with other teachers. Social Sharing is a great way to share the most important and relevant information. Best of all, it’s easy, simple and done instantaneously.

Smart Links: Video tutorials, web links, and 3D molecules are easily added into the book as learning tools to help explain and elaborate on key concepts. Smart Links is a great tool for teachers to help guide students through difficult concepts.

Quiz Me: Double tap on any diagram in the book and create an instant multiple-choice quiz. As a teacher, you can use interactive quizzes to see how much the class has retained in a fun and exciting way.

Tools for Students

Journal: Automatically create your own study guide from your highlights, sticky notes, bookmarks and notes. Journal is a great tool to help bring all of the important information into one place, making preparation for a big exam that much easier.

Advanced Search: Get to the answer quickly with a more powerful search engine. Search through your books, courses, terms, highlights or notes. Advanced Search lets you find what you are looking for, immediately.

Flashcards: Flashcards are automatically created from glossary terms throughout the book. It’s the fastest way to retain key concepts without the added work. Say goodbye to 3x5 note cards.

What is ICAT?

eCIMC and the ICAT eBook


CIMC is influencing the growth of career and technology education programs throughout the nation by providing industry accepted curriculum that addresses the basics skills needed by students.  Now, bundle that exceptional curriculum in ICAT, the OK CareerTech Online Learning Community Manager, and you provide instructors a seamless way to integrate technology into their classroom.

Why Choose an ICAT eBook?

Since the eBook feature is native to ICAT, each instructor has the tools in which to automatically create lesson plans and demonstrate student comprehension of core competencies within the same environment.

Instructors can seamlessly enhance their eBook by:

  • Attaching formative assessments.
  • Embedding discussions.
  • Enriching the text by linking to resources shared across the ICAT community.
  • Assigning and assessing tasks - including rubrics.
  • Assigning and grading tests.

Each eBook also features:

  • Easy to navigate, 508 accessible content.
  • Each student may add personal notes to any page.
  • The instructor may compose lecture notes or notes intended for the learners.
  • Both the learner and the instructor may link hundreds of supported resources to any eBook page.