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Employability Resources

Resources to support employability efforts in all areas

Products can be ordered through our online catalog, or contact customer service at 800.654.4502 or by .

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Employment Card

The Employment Card  will assist you in both your resume writing and job searching skills. This card contains lists of action verbs to help your resume stand out and information on how both companies and individuals look for jobs.

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Pocket Resume

The Pocket Resume is an integral tool for job seekers, students, and teachers. It allows you or your students to take work history, references, skills and abilities with you as you apply for jobs or work with your students. No more forgetting addresses, dates, or phone numbers, as this perfect tool keeps everything in one place.

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Skill Building Brochure

Having problems connecting student abilities, skills or interests into real world job skills that employers are looking for? The Skill Building Brochure will help you work with students on decoding their  transferable skills helping them create great resumes and get the job they desire. (Please note, the Skill Building Brochure is only available to customers in Oklahoma.)

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Employability Guide

employability guide cover

This new, 30-page guide from the CIMC describes eight skills that employers want, why they want those skills, and how job seekers can build and demonstrate each skill. This is a handy and essential resource for anyone preparing for their first job, changing jobs, or hoping to become more successful in their current workplaces!

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Employability Skills Assessments and Study Guide
0454SG Study Guide/0454 & 0455 Assessments

employability skills study guideThe Employability Skills Study Guide (0454SG) contains information needed to prepare for the Workplace Readiness Skills (0454) and Job Seeking & Retention Skills (0455) assessments. The study guide includes the standards used to develop the exam, test plans, sample questions, and test taking strategies. Assessments are available through CareerTech Testing. The study guide can be downloaded for free or purchased through CIMC.

The Employability Skills assessment series includes two exams for measuring how well students are prepared for the work force. The Workplace Readiness Skills (0454) assessment measures mastery of the soft skills necessary to succeed in the workplace, while Job Seeking & Retention Skills (0455) assessment measures the student’s knowledge of skills and resources needed to locate and keep a job.

Many CIMC products are available to prepare students for the Employability Skills assessments - a crosswalk of these products and the CTTC standards is available for free download.

Download free copy of Employability Skills Study Guide
Download free crosswalk of CIMC products to Employability Skills standards

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Career Success Skills
BS100114 teacher/BS300114 student

Career Success Skills coverCareer Success Skills helps students develop the skills essential for planning for a career, applying for a job, and succeeding on the job. This full-color curriculum also covers best practices in communication and etiquette.

Units include:

  • Finding a Job
  • Communication Skills
  • Etiquette for Every Day
  • Succeeding on the Job

We are providing unit 2, "Communication Skills," as a free sample for you to download.

Career Success Skills sample

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Career Focus Magazine career focus original cover

Career Focus is a career exploration and preparation guide. This 32-page, full-color magazine combines essential guidance with web activities and "skill builder" opportunities to help prepare users for college and the workplace. Topics include:

  • Career clusters and pathways
  • Plans of study
  • Personal selling points
  • Online tools
  • College planning checklists
  • Interview strategies
  • Keys to career success

Career Focus also provides workplace re-entry strategies for those who have been absent from the workplace for a number of reasons. It is a concise guide to planned success for high school students and adults.

Career Focus sample

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Career Focus: After Military ServiceMilitary Career Focus magazine

Career Focus: After Military Service was developed for veterans who are leaving the military and transitioning to a civilian career. This full-color, magazine-style guide walks veterans through five steps in making this transition: Self-assessment, exploring career interests and options, filling a skills gap, finding and applying for a job, and managing the career transition.

The updated edition of Career Focus: After Military Service has been revised to include information on the CareerTech for Vets program, a CareerTech program that assists veterans' transition to the civilian workforce, as well as many new websites.

We are offering the entire Career Focus: After Military Service publication as a free file for you to download. It can also be purchased in sets of 10.

Download Career Focus: After Military Service

Order Career Focus: After Military Service

Personal Financial Literacy
HE101512 teacher/HE301512 student

Personal Financial Literacy cover

Many states (including Oklahoma) are mandating financial literacy as a graduation requirement. This curriculum includes all 14 areas of instruction outlined in Oklahoma's Passport to Financial Literacy. It was developed with guidance from the Jump$tart Coalition for Financial Literacy, and is endorsed by the Oklahoma Council on Economic Education

Personal Financial Literacy will assist teachers in providing students with the basic skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage their personal finances. The objectives and learning activities are based on real-world situations, and will help build a foundation for making informed and successful personal financial decisions.

The Student Guide and Teacher Edition are printed in full color. A Teacher Resource CD is also available, which includes printable versions of all student consumables, PowerPoints®, written tests in Word® and rich text formats (for use with ExamView®), vocabulary puzzles, and more.

Units include:

  • Earning and Managing an Income
  • Understanding Taxes
  • Banks and Other Financial Institutions
  • Managing Financial Accounts
  • Saving and Investing
  • Retirement
  • Borrowing Money
  • Credit Cards and Shopping Online
  • Consumer Fraud and Identify Theft
  • Acquiring a Home
  • Managing Risk
  • Gambling
  • Credit Woes
  • Giving Back

We are offering unit 5, "Saving and Investing," as a free sample for you to download.

Personal Financial Literacy sample

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keys to employability postersKeys to Employability poster

This full-color, 18 x 24-inch poster describes these keys to employability:

  • Customer service attitude
  • Decision-making skills
  • Integrity
  • Initiative
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership
  • Ethical behavior
  • Safety and health habits
  • Maturity

Four different designs are available.

Order Keys to Employability poster (mystery design, yellow design, abstract design, or workplace design)


50 ways to lead posterFifty Ways to Lead poster

This full-color 18x24 inch poster lists fifty ways anyone can demonstrate leadership on any day.

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For a list of links to free resources developed by other organizations, see our Adult Basic Education page.

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