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Trade and Industrial Education

Featured products and free samples to download

CIMC supports instructors and programs in Trade and Industrial Education by providing a variety of instructional materials, ranging from career exploration to occupational preparation. Some of our related resources are featured below, and many others can be found in our online catalog. You can also download a flyer featuring our latest products in Trade and Industrial Education. For more information, contact our customer service department at 800.654.4502 or by .


Law Enforcement I

law enforcement 1 coverOur Law Enforcement I curriculum was developed in cooperation with the National Partnership for Careers in Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security. It provides an estimated 178 hours of instruction for secondary and post-secondary students interested in pursuing a law enforcement career, and is aligned with an end-of-instruction assessment produced by the CareerTech Testing Center. This full-color curriculum includes the following units:

  • Careers in Law Enforcement and Public Safety
  • Law Enforcement and Victim Assistance
  • Ethics in Law Enforcement
  • Communication and Writing Skills
  • The Criminal Justice System
  • Day-to-Day Operations
  • Criminal and Constitutional Law
  • Civil Law
  • Citizens’ Rights
  • Criminal Laws and the Criminal Justice System
  • Investigations
  • Arrests
  • Juveniles and the Justice System
  • Search and Seizure
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Models of Policing
  • Traffic Codes and Enforcement
  • Trials, Sentencing and Corrections

We are offering unit 17, "Traffic Codes and Enforcement," as a free sample for you to download.

Download Law Enforcement I sample
Order Law Enforcement I student
Order Law Enforcement I teacher

Private Security Training
Phase 5: Bail Enforcer

Private Security: Bail Enforcer coverPrivate Security Training Phase 5 (Bail Enforcer) is available in a full-color student edition and a teacher wraparound edition. The teacher edition includes a CD of PowerPoint files and quizzes in Word format. Phase 5: Bail Enforcer includes the following units:

  • Interpret the Oklahoma Bail Enforcement and Licensing Act
  • Interpret the Legal Powers and Limitations of Bail Enforcers
  • Understand Responsibilities to Clients
  • Perform Bail Enforcement Duties

Download Bail Enforcer sample
Order Bail Enforcer student
Order Bail Enforcer teacher


Diesel Technology: Preventive Maintenance

DieselPreventiveMaintCoverPreventive Maintenance is part of the Diesel Technology series, which also includes Brakes, Drive Trains, Electrical and Electronic Systems, Engines, and more. This publication contains eight units that are prefaced with a checklist for each unit. The objectives break down each task in the checklist, and the last job sheet in each unit requires the student to perform a preventive maintenance inspection in that specific area. The last job sheet is a "final exam" that has the student accomplishing a complete inspection on a vehicle. This curriculum aligns with NATEF standards for Preventive Maintenance Inspection.

Diesel Technology: Preventive Maintenance covers the Facility and Mobile Equipment-Maintenance pathway in the Transportation, Distribution and Logistics cluster.

We are offering Unit 7, "Engine Compartment Inspection," as a free sample to download. You can also download the crosswalk to NATEF standards.

Engine Compartment Inspection, Student Pages (PDF file, 283 KB)
Engine Compartment Inspection, Student Workbook (PDF file, 341 KB)
NATEF Crosswalk (PDF file, 227 KB)


Online Competency Testing

Our Testing division offers online competency tests for several different careers in Trade and Industrial Education.

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