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Updates and corrections to our curriculum, useful files to download, presentations and handouts

Check our Updates area for updates and corrections to our printed curriculum. If you've found a mistake that does not have a correction available, please contact Craig Maile.

If you've attended a presentation by CIMC staff and would like to download the PowerPoint or handouts, please visit our Presentations and Handouts area.

Our Downloads area has products that are useful in many different subject areas. If you're looking for curriculum samples, please visit our New Products and Free Samples pages.

If your curriculum sent you to our website for online resources, visit our Resources by Title area.

CIMC's YouTube Channel includes videos we've created, as well as some of the best YouTube videos we've found. Some are suggested for certain courses or topics, and others cover general knowledge. We think they're all useful resources in the classroom or on the job.

iTeach-Careertech is a "wiki" - a website that allows users (members) to add and update content. The iTeach-Careertech Wiki welcomes input from customers of CIMC and the other divisions of our Instructional Services division. Share your resources and learn from others.

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