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Publications, posters, and other free resources to download

Resource Profiles

NEW!  These profiles list resources available to students, teachers, and administrators in several content areas.

36 CTE Teacher Recruitment Strategies Compiled from Expert Resources

These recruitment strategies will help you locate, hire, and develop top-quality teachers for CTE programs.

Download "36 CTE Teacher Recruitment Strategies Compiled from Expert Resources"

Copyright and Fair Use Information for EducatorsExamples of products to download

NEW!  General guidelines for using copyrighted material in the classroom.

Download "Copyright and Fair Use Information for Educators"


A - Z Review

NEW!  A-Z Review is a tool you can use in the classroom to reinforce learning. Students identify key words related to their recent learning. This can be used as an individual or group activity.

Download "A - Z Review"



Curriculum Review Rubric

NEW!  A quick and easy visual guide to help determine if curriculum meets your needs.

Download "Curriculum Review Rubric"


A Recipe for Achievement Using Competency-Based Instruction

NEW!  A handy way to assemble the ingredients of competency-based instruction to improve achievement by learners and teachers.

Download "A Recipe for Achievement Using Competency Based Instruction"


Entrance/Exit Tickets

Entrance ticket exampleNEW!  These Entrance tickets can be used to begin the day and assist students in setting goals for their instruction. The Exit tickets recap what students learned during the class and provide a way to clarify learning. They summarize learning and allow questioning and clarification for enhanced learning.

Download Entrance/Exit Tickets



Career Focus Magazine

Cover of Career Focus MagazineNEW!  Revised for 2018, this 32-page, full-color magazine combines essential guidance with web activities and "skill builder" opportunities to help prepare users for college and the workplace. Career Focus is a concise career exploration and preparation guide for high school students and adults. 

Topics include:

  • Identifying Possible Careers
  • Sources for Career Information
  • Career Clusters and Pathways
  • Individual Career Plans
  • Online Tools for Career Planning and Preparation
  • 20 Personal Selling Points
  • Getting Ready for College
  • Finding Job Opportunities
  • Managing Your Digital Dirt
  • Strategies for Networking
  • Skill Builder: Build a Personal Network
  • Career Myths and Realities
  • Skill Builder: Practice Introductions and Casual Conversation
  • Acing any Interview - What You Need to Know
  • Resumés that Stand Out for the Right Reasons
  • Why Employers Might NOT Hire You
  • Getting Back to Work: Re-Entry Strategies
  • Skills Employers Want
  • Putting Together the Education Puzzle

Download Career Focus sample
Order Career Focus (coming soon!)

Career Focus: After Military Service, for veterans who are leaving the military and transitioning to a civilian career, is available as a free download. We also have different editions of Career Focus specifically developed for those interested in particular career areas (such as health, agriscience, and STEM) in our online catalog.

Free Moodle and H5P Training Packets

Download these FREE Moodle tutorials that provide step-by-step instructions on how to design and implement your own Moodle course.


Developing Modules for Self-Paced Learning: A Handbook for Teachers

Cover for The CIMC Guide to Developing Modules for Self-Paced LearningThis handbook offers a framework for teachers who develop self-paced learning modules for their CareerTech courses. Topics include accessibility, copyright and fair use, organization, planning, grading rubrics, testing, and more. Useful profiles, guidelines, and checklists help you create an effective self-paced learning module in either digital or print format.

Download Developing Modules for Self-Paced Learning: A Handbook for Teachers


problem solving posters

All posters are 18"X24" unless otherwise indicated. To print on smaller paper, choose the "fit" option from your print menu.


Career Connections Magazine - Elementary School Edition
Teacher Guide

Career Connections Elementary coverCareer Connections introduces elementary-aged students to career awareness in a youth-friendly format. The full color magazine includes activities that introduce students to career fields, career-related vocabulary, good work/school habits, and more. The student edition (CS901317) is sold in a package of 10. This free Teacher Guide helps teachers introduce career awareness, with information to assist teaching each topic.


Download Career Connections Magazine - Elementary Edition Teacher Guide


Websites, Apps, and More

Websites, Apps, and More coverThe 9th edition of our web book (previously called Best of the Web) includes apps for both instructors and students that enhance the classroom experience, offer avenues for professional development, and assist instructors with student engagement and enhancement activities. This edition includes resources for CareerTech Student Organizations; Teaching, Advising & Career Information; Creativity; and Digital Tools, as well as websites for each career cluster. Websites, Apps, and More can be downloaded for free, or purchased in packages of 10.

Download a free copy of Websites, Apps, and More
Purchase Websites, Apps, and More from our online catalog


Suggested Resources

  • Book coversCultural Awareness - This supplement, which was developed for our Law Enforcement I curriculum but can be used in any area, includes information and activities to help promote awareness of different cultures.
  • Leadership Guide: Quotations for Leaders and Thinkers  - 100 quotes for uses in presentations and other communications, or simply for personal reflection
  • Soft Skills - A list of resources to help build skills in communication, teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving, leadership, interpersonal relationships, and professionalism, among others
  • Technology and Social Media - Resources to help you fully take advantage of the appropriate social media tools and the opportunity to improve student learning and benefit the bottom line
  • Leadership - Resources for current leaders and those who wish to become leaders in their field
  • Creativity - A list of resources to help nurture, strengthen, and support creativity

Career Focus: After Military Service

Military Career Focus cover - 2016This guide was developed for veterans who are leaving the military and transitioning to a civilian career, and walks veterans through five steps in making this transition: Self-assessment, exploring career interests and options, filling a skills gap, finding and applying for a job, and managing the career transition.

Download Career Focus: After Military Service


Special Education Paraprofessional Workbook Resources

Paraprofessional coverThe required training resource for special education paraprofessionals in Oklahoma, this all-new, full-color student guide includes 53 objectives, 13 video links, 42 website links, and 32 activities. It addresses the range of the paraprofessional's job in six modules:

  1. Legal Foundations of Special Education
  2. Responsibilities and Ethics
  3. IEP Participation
  4. Disability Awareness & Instructional Strategies
  5. Communication & Interaction Strategies
  6. Behavior Strategies, Progress Monitoring & Data Collection

Learn more about the Special Education Paraprofessional Workbook and download the free Facilitator's Guide and PowerPoints.


Tips and Techniques

Oklahoma's CareerTech System

Student Journal

Students can download this PDF calendar/journal and fill it out online. It includes handy resources such as measurement conversions, laundry and cooking tips, and converting military to standard time.

Download Student Journal

Other Resources

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