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Marriage and Family Life

Use these resources to supplement our Marriage and Family Life, Second Edition curriculum.

PowerPoint Presentations

These PowerPoint presentations were developed by CIMC to accompany our Marriage and Family Life curriculum. To view a presentation online, select the link below. To download a file to your hard drive, right-click the link. If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint, you can download a free PowerPoint viewer that will allow you to use these presentations in the classroom.

Unit 1: Communicating With Others
Unit 2: Making Personal Decisions
Unit 3: Exploring Single and Married Life
Unit 4: Describing the Family
Unit 5: Exploring Parenting
Unit 6: Making Everyday Living Decisions
Unit 7: Responding to Family Changes and Challenges
Unit 8: Facing Divorce
Unit 9: Balancing Family and Career
Unit 10: Exploring Careers

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