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Supplemental resources for TLAs

TLA coversUse these resources to supplement our Technology Learning Activities (TLAs). Please note that website addresses were accurate and all content on referenced websites was appropriate during development and production of this product. However, websites sometimes change; the CIMC takes no responsibility for a site’s content. The inclusion of a website does not constitute an endorsement of that site’s other pages, products, or owners. You are encouraged to verify all websites prior to use.

Structural Engineering TLA (TE8102)

These files provide additional resources for students. The list of websites includes those referenced in the book, as well as additional websites.

List of websites with active links (PDF file, 2.42 MB)

Designing and Building File Folder Bridges (PDF file, 17.45 MB)

Resources for Building an A-Truss Bridge (PDF file, 15 KB)

Instructions for Building an A-Truss Bridge (PowerPoint file, 4.70 MB)

Multimedia TLA (TE8135)

The list of websites referenced in the book makes it easier for you to review the sites prior to assigning them to students. The set of 48 photos can be edited and used for any project (please note that this is a very large ZIP file that may take several minutes to download). The updated student pages replace an activity using websites that are no longer available.

Photos for Multimedia TLA (ZIP file, 112 MB)

List of websites referenced in the book (PDF file, 1.23 MB)

Updated student pages (PDF file, 2.62 MB)

Safety Design Briefs TLA (TE 8107)

List of websites referenced in the book with active links (PDF file, 433 KB)

OSHA Quick Card - Pneumatic Nail Gun Safety Tips in English and Spanish (PDF file, 51 KB)

Drafting TLA (TE 1134)

Download this file and save it on the computer the students will be using for the Drafting TLA. See page 32 in the Teacher Materials for more information about using this file.

Graph template for Drafting TLA (JPEG file, 121 KB)

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