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Touring Oklahoma

TouringOklahomaCoverTouring Oklahoma provides students with an opportunity to explore careers in the Hospitality & Tourism cluster within the context of Oklahoma events, attractions and places of interest. This curriculum also helps students to become more aware of marketing opportunities for destinations in specific regions of the state.

Competencies include:

  • Develop an appreciation for and promote pride in Oklahoma
  • Gain knowledge of tourism themes and destinations in Oklahoma
  • Explore careers in the hospitality and tourism industry in Oklahoma
  • Compare economic opportunities in different regions of Oklahoma
  • Develop a tourism marketing plan for a designated region of the state

Additional Resources: CyberTour Routes

These "CyberTour Routes" provide additional information to supplement our Touring Oklahoma Curriculum.

Defining Tourism Themes for Oklahoma
Arbuckle Country
Frontier Country
Great Plains Country
Green Country
Kiamichi Country
Red Carpet Country

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