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Defining Tourism Themes for Oklahoma

Use these resources to supplement our Touring Oklahoma curriculum. Website addresses were accurate and all content on linked sites was appropriate on the date each page was published. However, websites change; please be sure to confirm each site before use.


Oklahoma On the Map

National Atlas of the United States (for Oklahoma maps)

Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department

Official Oklahoma Tourism Information Site

Oklahoma Almanac Online

Oklahoma Department of Transportation State Highway Maps Archive

Oklahoma Eco-Regions Map

Oklahoma Geological Survey

Web Atlas of Oklahoma

Oklahoma Horizon Show Archives

Oklahoma Bicycle Society Route Maps

Oklahoma FreeWheel



Oklahoma Agritourism website

The Vine: Oklahoma Agritourism blog

“Made in Oklahoma” Products and Companies Directory

Oklahoma Bed & Breakfast Association

Oklahoma Farmers Markets Directory

Oklahoma Grape Growers and Wine Makers Association

Oklahoma Equestrian Trails and Guest Ranches
(see also

Thoroughbred Racing Association of Oklahoma

Oklahoma Appaloosa Horse Club

Oklahoma Christmas Tree Association


Aviation & Aerospace Tourism

NASA Astronaut Biographies

99s Museum of Women Pilots


Culture & Heritage Tourism

Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture

Oklahoma Today Magazine Digital Archives

Discover Oklahoma Story Archives

Oklahoma Horizon Show Archives

Oklahoma History Center

Oklahoma Historical Society’s Chronicles of Oklahoma

Red Earth, Inc.

Oklahoma Indian Affairs Commission—List of Oklahoma Tribes

Historic Places of the Civil Rights Movement

Oklahoma Route 66 Association

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

Oklahoma Civil War Sites (Look for the 1963 state map)

Oklahoma Marginal Wells Commission — “Oklahoma Stripper” Newsletter Archives


Nature-Based Tourism

Oklahoma Biological Survey

Oklahoma Eco-Regions Map

Oklahoma Conservation Commission

National Park Histories

Oklahoma Geological Survey

Oklahoma Natural Heritage Inventory

Oklahoma Bird Checklists

Oklahoma Fishing Information

Fishing Facts

Oklahoma Wildlife Information

Oklahoma Grasses, Forbs, and Trees and Shrubs

Great Plains Trail of Oklahoma

Hiking in Oklahoma

Hunting and Recreational Lease Registry


Arts & Entertainment Tourism

Art at the State Capitol

Bricktown (OKC) History

Greenwood Cultural Center, Tulsa

Oklahoma Annual Film & Music Festivals—Oklahoma Film & Music Office


Weather Tourism

NOAA Weather Partners

Historic Weather Forecast

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