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Occupational Competency Examination and Science Endorsement

Professional licenses/certificates are accepted in lieu of the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute’s (NOCTI) series of Skilled Worker exams.

Biological Sciences Certification

Adding Area to Standard Teaching Certificate -

  1. Standard Certified Teachers who hold a bachelors degree plus 24 hours of science credit on their transcript are considered “Highly Qualified” and do not need to take the Biology Certification exam. They will NOT receive an additional Biology Certification on their certificate, but must submit their transcripts to be approved by the local sending school as “Highly Qualified.” (If you want the Biology Certificate to appear on your Teaching Certificate, you MUST take the Biology Certification exam.) For specific information regarding the “Highly Qualified” status see the following document or go to
  2. To register for the exam go to: Exams are only offered 4-5 times per year so be sure to register in plenty of time. For test dates go to:
  3. The actual study guide for Biological Sciences can be printed from this website:
  4. A workshop was held in the Fall of ’03 and notes that were collected and disseminated.  (See Notes)
  5. Information that has been sent to the field from our agency regarding science credit include the following letters:

    Ø Aug. 4, 2003 (Highly Qualified Teacher)

    ØAug.10, 2004 (Letter to Superintendents)

  6. Science Credit is only transcripted by a students’ sending high school. An agreement with the Technology Center must be board approved by the local high school in order for transcription to occur.
  7. Objectives for the Anatomy and Physiology course that must be taught to grant credit:

Study assistance:

  1. Great synopsis of photsynthesis, cell respiration, etc (Search by term)
  2. Great glossary of terms for review, broken down into subject (botany, ecology, zoology, etc.)
  3. Online resource materials from MIT. This is specifically for high school teachers (not MIT students!) It covers Chemistry of Life, Cells, Cellular Energetics, Heredity, Molecular Genetics, Evolutionary Biology, Diversity of Organisms, Structure and Function of Plants and Animals and Ecology.


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