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HCE Email #1

Health Careers Education Email #1 - From Lara Morris, State Program Manager

I have a number of updates—please read the entire message so you don’t have to get LOTS of emails!! 

  1. Regarding the COVID-19 Virus—a message from ODCTE:The safety and security of our students, educators, staff, and stakeholders is a top priority.  The Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education is closely monitoring the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.  This is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation. ODCTE will provide updated information as it becomes available.  We are following the guidance of the Oklahoma State Health Department and Center for Disease Control to ensure our in-person events are as safe as possible.  ODCTE will continue to monitor the situation based on the OSHD, CDC, state government, the federal government, and other sources.  Be sure to regularly check your e-mail, social media channels, and website for any updates.  Should any of the guidance change, ODCTE will act accordingly and immediately to provide updates through all communication channels.   

  1. HOSA Spring Leadership Contest:
    HOSA SLC is still “on” so don’t fret.  We have three weeks before the conference takes place and if there’s one thing this week has shown us is there is a LOT that can change quickly.  We have met with ODCTE leadership, we are still putting everything together just like usual….and most importantly, we have a PLAN B where we could still identify winners.  We LOVE HOSA and desperately want to provide that experience for students, but your safety will be foremost in our decision-making. 

  1. Long Term Care Clinicals:
    Please see the attached letter from Vicki Kirtley.  In a nutshell, most long term care facilities are asking that no visitors including students on clinicals, will be allowed in the facility.  OSDH understands the dilemma this poses for our schools/students and they will be accepting “clinicals” to be held in the lab as needed.  You’ll need to document that those hours were done onsite instead of in the facility.  If anything changes, we will let you know.   

  1. HCP Testing (Nurse Aide Testing):
    After a few questions from sites, we have gotten permission from OSDH-NAR to modify an area on the Clinical Skills Exams.  For those exams requiring a temperature reading, you can now allow the candidate the following options until further notice:
    For the portion covering the use on an oral thermometer, you can have the candidate do the procedure up to the point before inserting it into the volunteer’s mouth.  The main goal is to verify infection control measures are still followed.
    You can have the candidate obtain a temperature reading by using a temporal or ear thermometer; instead of, an oral thermometer. 

We will let you know when these temporary measures are no longer valid and we have to switch back to the regular procedures for this portion of the exam.  Hopefully, this will help make a safer environment for testing until the current situation is resolved.  Signed, Jennifer Palacio 

  1. Other Clinical Concerns:
    Like with our Long Term Care brethren, we may have some cancelled clinicals.  For about 200 of you, the Board of Nursing allows up to 30 percent of their clinical experience to be done via simulation.  For those other programs, if you clinical experience is cancelled, consider calling the professional organization to find out what they recommend.  We are only one state, with a limited number of programs and I promise this is happening everywhere.  I have a feeling concessions of some sort will be made.  Be thinking about how you can put together scenarios for the classroom/lab so students can use those experiences.  Work together with other teachers to do a giant simulation involving lots of programs.   

  1. Clinical Simulation Conference:
    All of the sudden, this sounds like it’s affecting your program too!  And not just that person who runs the sim lab down the hall!  This is the perfect time to encourage all of you to consider attending the Oklahoma Healthcare
    Workforce Simulation Conference scheduled for May 21, 2020 at Metro Tech:  

  1. And now for something FUN!!!
    The HCE staff had a staff meeting yesterday and we are excited to have something to look forward to with all this craziness—SAVE THE DATE for the upcoming Health Careers Bootcamp to be held at Tulsa Tech Owasso (I know it’s a long ways away—all central locations are being used for state testing!!!) on May 4 and 5.  I’ll have an agenda waiting on you when you’re back from break, but it will be a great two days of small breakouts and a day of Starla Ewan teaching her basic Hands on Anatomy using clay, AND some great classroom management tips.  Since we have her in town, our plan is to have her stay another couple of days and do an Advanced Hands on Anatomy workshop (for the first 50 people who sign up) on May 6 and 7.  If you’ve only heard rumors of how awesome Starla is…..prepare to see her in person!!   

We wish you a very safe Spring Break and know that we are still available if you have any questions regarding the above information.  Now….what can I do for my “Did You Know?”  I guess this was kind of a Did You Know What Happens in a Pandemic email!  

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