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HCE Email #2

Health Careers Education Email #2From Lara Morris, State Program Manager 

Good morning Health Careers!   

Wow--I know this is the story we are going to annoy our grandchildren by telling over and over....I remember when the world stopped!  Thought I'd give a little update and some resources. 

Our staff continues to work from home.  I am meeting daily with my manager peers and our staff has been communicating through email, text and soon to be video-conferencing.  We receive a daily update from Dr. Mack, updating us on agency and state status, etc.  Rhonda is answering all of our phones and sending us messages to return, but it's been pretty quiet.  We missed you during Spring Break and know that for many of you, it wasn't a break wondering about the future.  There are so many issues to consider in keeping our programs going, or in the high school programs, IF they will continue. 

 1.  Most entities anticipate the State Board of Education will cancel school in the classroom, but they are trying to see what can be done virtually, beginning April 6.  The issue of access will be the main challenge.  Tune in to the press conference after the meeting to hear details-- there is currently an article on if you'd like to read what is being proposed.    

2.  The "Live" HOSA SLC format has been changed to a "Virtual" HOSA SLC!!!  More information and details will be shared via OK HOSA website, Facebook and Instagram as becomes available.   
See SLC Email #6

3.  At this point, we have NOT cancelled the OHCWC Simulation Conference and still have the May 4-5 Boot Camp in place.  We will keep you posted if anything changes. 

4.  People hare helping people!!  Josie Scott, Simulation Coordinator from Metro Tech, is putting together a course on Moodle for PN programs to use, She is sharing her personal work so other programs can have resources for clinical simulation.  Yay Josie!!  If you have an interest in sharing materials, the agency  site is free and has been built to assist you in facilitating student instruction. 

5.  Questions have come in about clinical experiences.  If you are in an adult only, or accredited program, I recommend you check with the accrediting body to see if they are waiving any experience for certification.  There is a strong possibility that with the closure of many health care sites to the public, students may not be able to do clinicals off-site.   

  • Check clinical sites to see if they are allowing students in their building. 

  • Are you accredited?  See what your accrediting body is recommending.  I'm attaching a document that outlines information from each professional organization and CAAHEP as of last week.  I"ll go back and check each site for updates, but you need to check that out too. 

  • If you have a blend of adult and high school students, look at the assessment website to see if they are giving any leeway on documented clinicals.  If they are not, then we will just have to make them up as we can when we have students in the classroom. 

  • If your students are on Pell grants, if they do not complete the program and have been paid for it, they will have to repay the funds.  Talk to your financial aid coordinator.  I think this may be premature since we aren't sure what will happen after April 6.   

  • For students who may be in your classroom, another option for clinicals is to utilize the lab as a doctors office, hospital, physical therapy clinic, etc.  Create a bank of "patients" charts.  Use students to be the patient and anther to be the caregiver.   

  • The agency will not be policing student clinicals.  Do what you can do so the students will be able to pass the assessment. This is new territory for us all.  Work with your colleagues to create resources that will make the "pretend situations" feel real.   

  • The Board of Nursing (PN/AUA) and the State Dept. of Health (LTC) recommend using the lab as a clinical site. 

6.  I'm also attaching resources--many publishers and curriculum providers are offering free trials and discounts.  There are webinars almost daily about how to teach virtually.  I will try to keep the list up to date.   

7.  Many hospitals are in need of PPE--if you can take some from your lab to help industry, please do!!  Contact them first and perhaps have all your programs pitch in together to share. 

8.  Committee meetings for OHCETA to plan Summit, OHCWC Sim Conference Planning Team will be meeting soon virtually.  Watch for the invite if you are on either of those groups.   

We are all here for you--Call our agency number and Rhonda will forward your message to Debbie, Kim or myself. We are at our desks daily and try to reply to email quickly.  I will try to figure out how to create chat groups for programmatic areas so you each can talk with peers for ideas.   If your groups would like to set up a zoom meeting so you can visit with each other, share ideas, etc. I can facilitate that for you.   

Did You Know that we can survive this and will become better for what we will learn in the future!  Wash, wash, wash your hands and stay safe.   

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