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HCE Email #3

Health Careers Education Email #3  - From Lara Morris, State Program Manager

I've been asked to start sending my emails as a shoutout to all you cool cats and kittens (Megan and Becki--that's for you!!) 

And with that--if you haven't been watching Tiger King by the light of the silvery moon on Netflix, then you're probably confused.  I know I've been watching it and I'm now confused too!! 

Sorry--I always mean to be more professional, but social isolation is starting to get to me and I already was strange!  

As we are now in day 389 of the COVID-19 crisis, we continue to get lots of emails asking specific questions.  Most were addressed in my last message but for those that are wondering, I'm attaching a few documents that contain information from each professional association or credentialing association for most health professions.  At this time, EMS is the only group that I've seen that are allowing students to complete their coursework, sit for the written exam and they are issuing a Provisional certification until students can sit for the hands on exam.  It looks like other credentials are asking that students continue the process as normal.    

Your attachments include: 

  • V2 HC Programs--COVID-19  

  • Additional Resources--Health Careers V1 

  • Additional Resources--Health Careers V2 


Things we are working on: 

  • Limited ability to share last processes for HOSA virtual SLC. 

  • Creating space for each occupational area where you can join and self-enroll in a chat feature so you all can share documents/resources and thoughts. 

  • Collaboration with State Dept. of Health on Long Term Care issues. 

  • Identifying resources for you to use.  

  • I have a call into Nurse Tim to ask why our login isn't working and also to inquire about Nurse Think (virtual sim product) 

Everything we send out will be posted on so if you haven't logged in before, now is the time!!   

Take care and I'll talk to you again on Monday! 

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