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Board Member Training

CareerTech board member training points are tracked through the OSSBA member portal. It is important that CareerTech board members ensure their information on the OSSBA member portal is kept updated and that the ODCTE has up-to-date information on all CareerTech board members. Please submit changes via form below after annual elections or to notify ODCTE of any other board member changes.

School Board Reporting Form

CareerTech board members are responsible for ensuring they complete the training requirements specified in Sections 5-110 and 5-110.1 of Title 70 of the Oklahoma Statutes. The training may be conducted and/or coordinated by the Oklahoma Department of CareerTech (ODCTE), the Oklahoma State School Boards Association (OSSBA) or by an outside entity that has been approved by the ODCTE (see process below).

School Board Member Training Options

CareerTech Board Members have options in meeting their training requirements.

Oklahoma Summit

Session Title

Credit Hrs. & Type

Campus Connection: Together or Apart

1 - CE

Connecting Your Work-Based Learning Activities into a System of Career Development for Students

1 - CE

Self-Care/Mental Health/Suicide Awareness

1 - E

Title IX Sexual Discrimination and Harassment: Understanding the New Regulations and Knowing Your Responsibilities

1 - E

Unconscious Biases

1 - CE

Human Trafficking

1 - CE

CTE Policy: Perkins V and the Response to the Pandemic

1 - F

Trauma Informed Education 

1 - CE

Medical Marijuana and Teen Drug Trends: Separating Fact from Fiction

1 - CE

High Plains Technology Center: TAP Program 

1 - CE

The Empowered Learner and Engaging Digital Tools

1 - CE

New CTE Skills and Career Pathways to Succeed in a PostCoronavirus World

1 - CE

Vision is the Spark - Culture is the Flame

1 - CE


1 - CE

50-Minutes that Change EVERYTHING 

1 - CE

Distance Learning Solutions and State-Approved Certifications for the CTE Classroom with iCEV

1 - CE

Oklahoma Branding

1 - CE

National Policies that Facilitate the Inclusion of Access & Diversity Into CTE Programs

1 - E

  • Continuing Ed (CE) 
  • Ethics (E)
  • Finance (F)

ODCTE Board Member Sessions

CareerTech System Fiscal Overview (Finance)

Dr. Marcie Mack, Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education

Participants will be provided an overview of the state, federal, lottery and revolving fund resources that fuel CareerTech’s budget.(Description may be modified to reflect changes due to CV-19)

CareerTech Accreditation Process Changes (Ethics)

Randy Feagan, Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education

Attendees will receive an overview of the changes to accreditation processes that will be implemented during 2020-2021 and gain an understanding of this critical activity as one of CareerTech’s tools for continuous improvement.

Superintendent’s Panel- Policies and Procedures during a Pandemic (Continuing Education)


Participants will gain insights about other schools best practices on revision of policies and procedures during a pandemic.

The Digital Divide: Policy and Funding Implication (Continuing Education)

Dr. Steven Aragon, Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education

When Covid-19 became a pandemic, school districts were proactive in their response by sending students home to finish out the academic year.  Teachers quickly placed lessons on learning platforms for students to complete.  While Covid-19 revealed how quickly educators could respond to a pandemic, it also revealed an infrastructure problem detrimental to being able to successfully educate students during such times – the Digital Divide.  Defined as the gulf between those who have ready access to computers and the Internet, those who do not, the digital divide not only affects education but economic growth and wage increases, easier access to medical care, and job opportunities.  This session presents policy and funding implications of the digital divide, recognizing it as no different or less important than any other diversity, equity, or inclusion issue needing the attention of the school district.

School Board Member Training Approval Process

Oklahoma Summit Board Training Approval

ODCTE Board Member Training Approval

  • Monitor OSSBAportal to ensure credit for ODCTE courses is recorded. If credit is not recorded within 30 days of course completion, contact Deborah Swafford.

External Board Member Training Approval

To be followed for all board member training not conducted and/or coordinated by the ODCTE or OSSBA.

1. Complete the Technology Center School Board Member Workshop Request for Approval Form and submit to. Attach supporting documents including agendas and any additional information to assist in the approval process.

2. Notification will be emailed indicating request was approved or did not qualify.

    If the workshop was approved, proceed with the following steps:

3. After attending the workshop, submit verification of attendance and theTechnology Center School Board Member Workshop Certification of Completion Form to 

4. This form and supporting documents will be saved for our records. ODCTE will submit the form to OSSBA. Points will be recorded on the OSSBA portal as soon as possible.

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