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CareerTech Master Teacher

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Program Information

The CareerTech Master Teacher program will create a professional learning community of outstanding teacher trainers who will evaluate their classroom practices and improve their skills to mastery level. The objective of this program is to provide participants with an opportunity to reflect on their teaching methods and expand their skills by integrating technology into their teaching practices.


CareerTech educators who

  • have eight years or more of CareerTech teaching experience.
  • have demonstrated a desire to grow professionally within the CareerTech system.
  • are willing to mentor/coach fellow CareerTech teachers.
  • have positive attitudes and reflective thought processes.
  • are willing to use technology in the classroom.

Selection Rubric

The selection rubric will be used to determine the top 15 to 20 applicants for this year's program.



Participants will

  • attend all sessions.

  • complete all assignments.

  • secure full support from their supervisors.

  • provide or purchase iPads to use during the training sessions.

  • provide training to other CareerTech teachers.

Schools will

  • provide full support for their participants to attend each session.

  • reimburse the participants for travel and lodging expenses.

Financial Commitment


Application Process






    Nathan Brubaker, Leadership & Professional Development Specialist

    Phone: 405.743.5113
    Fax: 405.743.6809
    TDD: 405.743.6816

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