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CareerTech Women in Leadership


Program Information

The next CTWL program will be held during the 2019-2020 school year. Those planning to apply should check back closer to date for more information.


The founding women of this program believe that women in leadership roles have a desire and obligation to demonstrate leadership behaviors to their peers. In addition, we believe women leaders have a responsibility to assist in the development of leadership behaviors in their colleagues. Finally, we believe in creating a culture of courageous leaders; these leaders are the backbone of sustainable organizations.


The purpose of the CT Women in Leadership program is to create a professional learning community that will maximize leadership opportunities for women in CareerTech education.


  • Empower women in CTE to develop the strategies and skills to be more effective leaders.
  • Provide opportunities to share leadership insights and compare experiences with women in CTE and their champions.
  • Address organizational and personal challenges by women leaders.

Leadership Behaviors

The following leadership behaviors are the foundation from which the CTWL agendas are built.

Exhibits intellectual curiosity—Demonstrates willingness to learn and grow, asks questions and participates in training and leadership programs, is excited about learning new skills and using them on the job, volunteers for opportunities that will expand knowledge and skills.

Leads courageously—Shows a willingness to address brutal facts in a positive way; not afraid to share ideas and make hard decisions that affect her work and the success of the organization; offers suggestions to improve organization’s business processes; willing to step up when there is a crisis.

Builds and sustains relationships—Establishes good relationships with co-workers, community members and customers; is a person others look to for advice and assistance; shares knowledge with others.

Communicates information—Willingly shares information with others and makes sure communication is positive and effective, takes the responsibility to inform others and effectively shares knowledge and data, seeks information from others.

Possesses an attitude of servant leadership—Achieves consistent performance in customer satisfaction—internal and external, listens to the customer and responds to needs, shares customer information with others who need information, maintains an attitude of high quality service and actively promotes customer-focused values.

Influences others—Shares passion for school and work with others, helps others understand the goals of the organization, is well-informed on current issues related to work and shares knowledge with others, is a role model for the practice of organizational values.

Demonstrates business sense—Understands and implements organization’s business processes, works within a budget and is resourceful and responsible with resources, understands and implements the organization’s strategic plan.

Thinks strategically—Is passionate about the goals of the organization, can identify and understand the strategic challenges and offers suggestions and ideas to address challenges, aligns work goals with work group and organizational goals, understands organization’s business processes, acts as a role model for sharing facts and data to drive decisions.

Establishes and executes plans—Micromanages her own job, willingly and enthusiastically looks for ways to improve work and takes the initiative to implement new ideas and strategies, organizes work to be productive and efficient.



LaMecia Stidham, Manager, Leadership & Professional Development

Phone: 405.743.5115
Fax: 405.743.6809
TDD: 405.743.6816



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