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Technology Center Administrator Program (TechCAP)

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Program Information

The Technology Center Administrator Program provides opportunities to individuals in the CareerTech System to establish, continue or advance their technology center administrative careers and increase their knowledge of the CareerTech System.

Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of Oklahoma’s CareerTech System, including how technology centers help prepare Oklahomans to succeed in the workplace, in education and in life. Participants also network with administrators and other content experts from across the state, gain hands-on experiences in the different functions of the technology centers and visit technology centers around the state. All projects and agenda items incorporate a superintendent’s or a campus director’s point of view.


Participants selected must:

1. be employed by a technology center or the Oklahoma Department of CareerTech.
2. be a current or potential technology center or skills center administrator.
3. be able to attend all sessions.


Sponsoring school/agency will be responsible for:

  1. reimbursement to the participant for travel/per diem/lodging expenses; and
  2. $900 registration fee for each participant (instructions on how to submit payment will be sent to selected participants)

To Apply

The next Technology Center Administrator Program will run during the 2016-2017 school year.  Check back for application opening announcement in the summer of 2016.

    Dates and Locations for 2014-2015 TechCAP VII

    Those interested in applying for TechCAP should review this list of dates to ensure full participation in the program is possible.

    Session 1: October 9-10, Francis Tuttle Technology Center - Reno & Rockwell Campus
    Topics: System History and Vision, Team Building, System Vision and Governance

    Session 2: October 30-31, Southern Oklahoma Technology Center
    Topics: Human Resources and Legal Issues

    Session 3: December 4-5, Autry Technology Center
    Topics: Tech Center Finance and Economic/Workforce Development

    Session 4: January 22-23, Pioneer Technology Center
    Topics: Serving At-Risk Populations and Facilities and Technology Management

    Session 5: February 19-20, Moore Norman Technology Center, Franklin Road Campus
    Topics: Relationships - Skills Centers, Comprehensive Schools, and Strategic Planning

    Session 6: April 14-15, Canadian Valley Technology Center and State Capitol
    Topics: Media Relations, Crisis Management, Legislative/Policy, State and National Involvement

    Session 7: May 14-15, Meridian Technology Center
    Topics: Building Relationships, Partnerships, Continuous School Improvement, and National Perspective

    In addition, participants are asked to attend one State Board of CareerTech Education Meeting. Due to limited space, participants will be asked to sign-up for their choice of which to attend. Please check your availability in advance so you can indicate your preference during the first TechCAP session.


    LaMecia Stidham, Leadership & Professional Development Coordinator

    Phone: 405.743.5113
    Fax: 405.743.6809
    TDD: 405.743.6816

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