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School Board Member Training

CareerTech board member training points are tracked through the OSSBA member portal. It is important that CareerTech board members ensure their information on the OSSBA member portal is kept updated and that the ODCTE has up-to-date information on all CareerTech board members. Please submit changes via form below after annual elections or to notify ODCTE of any other board member changes.

School Board Reporting Form 

CareerTech board members are responsible for ensuring they complete the training requirements specified in Sections 5-110 and 5-110.1 of Title 70 of the Oklahoma Statutes. The training may be conducted and/or coordinated by the Oklahoma Department of CareerTech (ODCTE), the Oklahoma State School Boards Association (OSSBA) or by an outside entity that has been approved by the ODCTE (see process below). 

School Board Member Training Approval Process

To be followed for all board member training not conducted and/or coordinated by the ODCTE or OSSBA.

1.Complete the Technology Center School Board Member Workshop Request for Approval Form and submit to. Attach supporting documents including agendas and any additional information to assist in the approval process.

2. Notification will be emailed indicating request was approved or did not qualify.

    If the workshop was approved, proceed with the following steps:

3. After attending the workshop, submit verification of attendance and the Technology Center School Board Member Workshop Certification of Completion Form to 

4. This form and supporting documents will be saved for our records. ODCTE will submit the form to OSSBA. Points will be recorded on the OSSBA portal as soon as possible.

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