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Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

Sample units and free publications from the Resource Center and CIMC, along with links from "Resources for the Busy Instructor: Apps, Internet Sites, and other Resources for Education, Training, and Professional Development"

The positions or viewpoints in the resources collected here reflect their authors and source organizations. They do not represent the Resource Center for CareerTech Advancement, the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, or any employee of the state agency. No endorsement of organizations or viewpoints is implied by inclusion in this collection or on this web page.

Publications from the Resource Center and CIMC

Agriculture Education Shop Project Plans
Free plans and materials lists for 77 Ag Ed shop projects, including projects for tractor tools and equipment, shop tools and equipment, livestock feeding, care and control, landscape and yard signs, crafts and hobbies, and truck/trailer related plans.

Parliamentary Procedure Basics

Cover for Parliamentary Procedure BasicsThis guide is intended to assist students in learning the basics of parliamentary procedure. Example motions and wordings are given throughout the units as a guide to correctly using terms during a business meeting. Parliamentary Procedure Basics outlines the fundamentals for training parliamentary procedure teams.  
Units include:

  • History and Development
  • Parliamentary Procedure Today
  • Meeting Conduct
  • Main Motions
  • Privileged Motions
  • Subsidiary Motions
  • Incidental Motions
  • Unclassified Motions

We are offering unit 4, "Main Motions," as a free sample to download.

Parliamentary Procedure Basics sample
Order Parliamentary Procedure Basics

Communications in Agriculture

Communications in Agriculture cover

Updated for 2017, Communications in Agriculture is designed to introduce students to topics related to promoting agriculture through a variety of media sources. It is a specialized course for students interested in pursuing a career in communications. This product features a full-color student and teacher edition. The Teacher Resource CD, available separately, includes activities and assignments, along with PowerPoints and tests in Word and RTF (for use with ExamView) formats.

Units Include:

  • Communication Theory
  • Photographic Journalism
  • Business Writing and Resumes
  • Journalistic Writing
  • Broadcasting Media
  • Graphic Design
  • New Media
  • Creating Presentations
  • Delivering Presentations

We are offering unit 2, "Photographic Journalism," as a free sample to download.

Download Communications in Agriculture sample
Order Communications in Agriculture (teacher)
Order Communications in Agriculture (student)

Introduction to Agricultural Power and TechnologyAg Power and Technology cover

Introduction to Agricultural Power and Technology is based on the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (AFNR) Career Cluster Content Standards. Students typically take this course after completing Introduction to Agriscience, also known as Agricultural Education I. The book is intended to build upon many of the concepts learned from Agriscience Explorations (AG1017) and Introduction to Agriscience (AG1001).

The student book and teacher books are both full-color. The teacher book is printed in a wrap-around format and includes suggested activities and websites. The teacher resource CD includes printable Assignment Sheets, Activity Sheets, and Lab Sheets, written tests in Word, PDF, and RTF (for use with ExamView) formats, PowerPoints for each unit, project grading rubrics, and OSHA fact sheets.

Units include:

  • General Safety
  • Hand and Power Tools
  • Welding and Cutting Safety
  • Oxyfuel Applications
  • Plasma Arc Cutting
  • Welding Fundamentals
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding
  • Gas Metal and Tungsten Arc Welding
  • Agricultural Construction and Fabrication
  • Electrical Tools and Safety
  • Electricity Principles
  • Engine Safety and Maintenance
  • Geospatial Technologies

We are offering Unit 3, "Welding and Cutting Safety," as a free sample to download.

Download Introduction to Agricultural Power and Technology sample

Links to Other Resources

Adventures in Renewable Energy Technology
Renewable energy project plans to build working models, free to download, on topics including solar electricity, solar heat, wind energy, water power, biomass energy, and other clean energy technologies.

Agriculture in the Classroom
Classroom resources, lesson plans, state agriculture profiles, and more from the USDA.

The Livestock Conservancy
An organization dedicated to preserving endangered breeds of livestock and poultry.

Journal articles and news from the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Breeds of Livestock
Descriptions and color photos of breeds of cattle, horses, goats, sheep, swine, poultry, and other species.

Dairy Max
Promotes the lifelong health benefits of dairy products, with information for health professionals, educators, and consumers.

Detecting Plant Diseases in the Lab
A free 3-minute video from Oregon State University Extension; describes how the Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center examines plant disease samples to determine pathogens and plant diseases.
Resources related to the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans, including current and previous guidelines.

Dig It! The Secrets of Soil
Interactives, videos, and educational materials from the National Museum of Natural History.

Eat Smart. Play Hard
A free, full-color magazine from North Dakota State University Extension Service; other excellent, full-color publications are available from NDSU Extension.

Swine: From the Animal’s Point of View
History, facts, activities and more from the University of California.

Sheep: From the Animal’s Point of View
History, facts, activities and more from the University of California.

Energy Statistics and Analysis
Energy statistics from the Energy Information Administration.

Articles, blogs, resources, and products for living a sustainable lifestyle.

Energy Kids
An engaging, kid-friendly site that describes almost every aspect of energy and energy sources, gives a history of energy, and offers challenging puzzles and quizzes.

Progressive Agriculture Safety Day
The mission of the Progressive Agriculture Safety Days is to provide education, training and resources to make farm, ranch and rural life safer and healthier for children and their communities.

Farm Tech Trek—GPS
Information for students about GPS for farmers and other farming-related activities.
Website of the Partnership for Food Safety Education, featuring information about food safety and safe food handling.

Investigating Your Environment
A complete interdisciplinary curriculum for grades 6-12 from the USDA Forest Service.
Gateway to government food safety information, including safety alerts, consumer advice, national food safety programs, and more.

Food and Drug Administration—Food Information
Recent news, national food safety programs, special interest areas, and other information from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Forestry Images
More than 137,000 images relating to forest health, natural resources, and silviculture.

Green Living Tips
Hundreds of articles and tips on ways to help reduce your environmental impact.

Growing A Nation: The Story of American Agriculture
A history of American agriculture by decade or by topic category.

Growing the Next Generation
Soil and plant nutrient teacher materials, student activities, games, videos, and career information.

International Food Information Council
Includes educational booklets and brochures for educators, students, and consumers.

Invasive Species: Outreach and Education K-12
Activities and lessons at the website of the Center for Invasive Species Management.

Key Ingredients: America By Food
The online educational companion to the Smithsonian Institution’s traveling exhibition, featuring “500 years of American food,” “the American cookbook project,” and “eating across America.”

KidWind Project
Teachers, engineers, and scientists “committed to innovative energy education,” featuring free lessons and resources to download on a variety of wind energy topics.

Made in Oklahoma
A great way to locate products made in the State of Oklahoma.

Miller Welds
Includes educational materials such as a video library and project gallery for the agricultural mechanics class.

National Agricultural Library
Information and resources from the USDA on a variety of subjects, including animals and livestock, food and nutrition, laws and regulations, plants and crops, natural resources, and the environment.

National Register of Big Trees
Nominations for the largest of 826 species of trees in America, with color photos.

National Swine Registry
Information about swine breeds, shows and events, youth development activities, and teacher resources.

Nature Conservancy—Oklahoma
Conservation activities for students, funding opportunities for educators, and ways for parents to encourage their children to connect with nature.

Nebraska Corn Board: Corn Curriculum
National Corn Growers Association’s corn curriculum, which includes lesson plans across curriculum areas.

NIOSH Safety and Health: Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing
Agriculture safety and health publications and links from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, including information on ergonomics, grain handling, machinery, young workers, and other safety and health topics.

Noble Foundation Plant Image Gallery
Designed to assist botanists, ecologists, natural resource managers, educators and hobbyists with the identification of plants commonly found in the southern Great Plains.

NRCS The Twelve Orders of Soil Taxonomy Posters
Free color posters, in PDF format, including one combined poster and 12 individual posters (one for each order).

Science in Your Shopping Cart
How agricultural research contributes to the abundance, variety, convenience, and healthfulness of the contents of your shopping cart.

Smithsonian National Zoological Park
Information about a variety of animals, including farm animals, such as distribution, habitat, lifespan, conservation status, and more.

Soil Biology Movies
A series of 18 movies on life in the soil, to view online or to download .

The Accidental Scientist: Science of Cooking
Explore recipes, activities, and webcasts that will enhance your understanding of the science behind food and cooking.

University of Georgia’s Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health
This website features great images of forest pests, trees, plants, stand types, silviculture practices, urban forestry, wildlife, and more!

U.S. Climate Data
Climate data by state and city.

The Bug Book: a garden field guide
A free, 52-page full-color guide from the Southside Community Land Trust.

USDA-NRCS Plants Database
Information about U.S. vascular plants, mosses, liverworts, hornworts, and lichens; includes hundreds of free, downloadable fact sheets and plant guides.

USDA Living Science
Descriptions about 50 careers related to food, agriculture, and natural resources, with a color poster for each to download.

USDA-ARS Ideas for Science Fair Projects
Science fair project ideas, plus an explanation of the parts of a science project: research question, hypothesis, procedure, results, and conclusion.

USDA Office of Communications, Radio Features Archive
Free podcasts on a variety of topics related to agriculture.

University of Vermont, Food and Nutrition: Eating What We Grow
Profiles and recipes for fruits and vegetables A-Z, including a brief history of each.

Utah Education Network
K-12 lesson plans for a wide variety of subjects and grade levels.

USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning
Seven PDF instruction guides that describe the processes of selecting, preparing, and canning fruit, vegetables, meat, and jams and jellies, from the National Center for Home Food Preservation.

U.S. Forest Service
Learning resources for educators, including Natural Inquirer, a middle school science education journal.

Who’s Coming to Dinner?
This 15-minute video examines the eating habits of cows, sheep, horses, and goats, and explores how forage selection, pugging, trampling, and fencing contribute to a pasture’s health and sustainability.

Wilderness Education Curriculum
A K-12 wilderness education curriculum from the Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center, free to download.

You Are What You Eat
Free student guide (and leader’s guide) from the Kansas State Research and Extension Bookstore, providing lessons that focus on how good nutrition affects all systems in the body: cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, and musculoskeletal. Includes learning checks with each chapter.

Lincoln Electric, Education Center
Information on skilled trades, lists seminars and workshops, welding safety information, and operators manuals.

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