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Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications

Sample units and free publications from the Resource Center and CIMC, along with links from "Resources for the Busy Instructor: Apps, Internet Sites, and other Resources for Education, Training, and Professional Development"

The positions or viewpoints in the resources collected here reflect their authors and source organizations. They do not represent the Resource Center for CareerTech Advancement, the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, or any employee of the state agency. No endorsement of organizations or viewpoints is implied by inclusion in this collection or on this web page.

Design and Color
design and color coverThis free unit of instruction from the Resource Center includes the following objectives:

  • Match terms related to principles of design and color to their definitions.
  • List functions of design.
  • List types of publication design.
  • Select the components of printed communication.
  • Arrange in order the steps in the design process.
  • Discuss factors to consider when applying principles of document design.
  • List the two basic types of art and sources for each type.
  • Match color descriptions to their definitions.
  • Select true statements concerning pointers on using color.
  • Complete statements concerning color theory.
  • Complete statements concerning color harmonies.
  • Distinguish among computer color models.
  • Select true statements concerning the basic categories of color printing.
  • Select true statements concerning the Pantone Matching System.

Links to Other Resources

Graphic Arts Education and Research Foundation
The website of the Foundation, which includes information about PrintED, a national accreditation program, including the PrintED Manual to download.

Free online photo editing made fun and easy - requires no download, installation, or sign-up!

This online photo editor allows you to do many things including touching up photos and creating collages.

Image editing and screen capturing tools.

Color Wheel Tutorial
Illustrations and explanations of color wheel relationships.

Wisconsin Online Resource Center
Free registration provides access to thousands of learning objects.

Experience many different styles of music from all over the world.

Glogster EDU
Use text, images, music, video, and hyperlinks to create an interactive poster.

Big Huge Labs
Create posters, cards, puzzles, and more for classroom projects, notes, letters, or programs.

A free, open-source, audio editing and recording program for use on Windows, Macs, and Linux operating systems, complete with tutorials.

This site offers freebies, tutorials, and inspiration for design lovers.

Picture Correct
Photography and photo manipulation tutorials and guides.

A web-based comic strip generation tool that allows you to create your own digital cartoons.

Digital Scrapbook
Encourage students to create their own free digital scrapbooks for a class project or other uses. Includes many, many resources.

Self-publish your own e-book or calendar.

Stitch Diva Studios
Step-by-step knitting instructions, free patterns, and sources for yarns and tools.

Gimp (General Image Manipulation Program)
Free photo retouching and graphic manipulation software.

Create a speaking avatar within minutes; also includes tips for educators for making learning activities more engaging.

Be a Movie Director Game
Select a vehicle for a new movie, and then watch the movie you created, from the National Museum of American History.
Biographies of famous people, both contemporary and historical.

Media Smarts
Clearinghouse of ideas and resources for educators, including teaching units, handouts, reports, and background material for media and digital literacy.

The Learning Network—New York Times
Articles and activities designed to help students understand the story behind today’s news events.

LIFE Magazine’s Timeline
Tell a story of an event by creating a timeline using photos from the LIFE Magazine image archives.
Free resources for film and digital media production.

Grammar Girl
Quick tips that can help anyone improve his or her writing.

Editing with Movie Maker
An easy to use tutorial that walks you step-by-step through the video editing process using Windows MovieMaker.

A free online proofreading, grammar checker, and a plagiarism detection tool.

A tool that makes web-based videos from still photos or videos.

Allows you to create your own cool comic strips with just a few drag and drops with your mouse.

An easy-to-use program that enables you to enhance photos.

A free open-source 3D/Animation program; the site includes several tutorials and information about joining the developers’ community.

Create word clouds based on term papers, poems, historical documents, and speeches.

Add an audio caption to your favorite photo.

A relatively low cost, online source for royalty-free music and sound effects for schools.

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