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Resources for the Busy Instructor: Apps, Internet Sites, and other Resources for Education, Training, and Professional Development

The positions or viewpoints in the resources collected here reflect their authors and source organizations. They do not represent the Resource Center for CareerTech Advancement, the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, or any employee of the state agency. No endorsement of organizations or viewpoints is implied by inclusion in this collection or on this web page.

Grand Challenges for Engineering
Explanations of the top engineering challenges for the 21st century, from the National Academy of Engineering.

Right Skills Now
The Right Skills Now for Manufacturing program builds on the success of and demand for industry-recognized credentials and competency-based learning in both education and industry.

Manufacturing Institute
“The authority on the attraction, qualification, and development of world-class manufacturing talent.”

AWS Education Resources
Resources compiled by the American Welding Society.

SME Education Foundation
Information on partnerships, grants, scholarships, and awards from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers Education Foundation.

How Gear Ratios Work
Explanation with illustrations from HowStuffWorks.com.

How Everyday Things Are Made
Video tours showing how items are manufactured, from airplanes to jelly beans, presented by the Alliance for Innovative Manufacturing at Stanford University.

Manufacturing Career Guide
Links for exploring manufacturing careers can be found here.

Workplace safety and injury prevention resources, organized by industries and occupations, hazards and exposures, diseases and injuries, chemicals, safety and prevention, and emergency preparedness and response.

Reading a Micrometer
Animation showing how a micrometer works and how to read one.

Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century
The top 20 achievements and how engineering shaped the century, from the National Academy of Engineering.

Lincoln Electric, Education Center
Information on skilled trades, lists seminars and workshops, welding safety information, and operators manuals.

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