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Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)

Resources for the Busy Instructor: Apps, Internet Sites, and other Resources for Education, Training, and Professional Development

The positions or viewpoints in the resources collected here reflect their authors and source organizations. They do not represent the Resource Center for CareerTech Advancement, the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, or any employee of the state agency. No endorsement of organizations or viewpoints is implied by inclusion in this collection or on this web page.

Updated October 2018

SI Measurement System
A poster from the National Institute of Standards and Technology explaining the International System of Units (SI), commonly known as the metric system.

Engineering Your Future Welding Career
This free science education program for junior and senior high grades provides 12 student workshops emphasizing hands-on learning, higher-order thinking skills, and practical application of information.

Kitchen Science for Kids
A complete curriculum to download from Cornell University Extension.

Mathematics Vocabulary Wall Cards
From the Virginia Department of Education.

Nanooze Downloads
A “place to hear about the latest exciting stuff in science and technology.”

PIE Network
“Playfully Inventing and Exploring” offers project ideas that integrate technology with art, science, music, and engineering.

Contextualized Math for the Energy Industry
A free curriculum to download from the Center for Energy Workforce Development.

Magnet Man
Cool experiments with magnets.

Science, Optics & You
Activities for students to investigate light, optics, and color.

The Ruler Game
Online ruler and tape measure reading practice.

EPA Carbon Footprint Calculator
This calculator estimates your footprint in three areas: home energy, transportation and waste.

Amazing Space
Classroom resources that promote the science and beauty of the universe based on discoveries from the Hubble Space Telescope; includes a monthly guide to the night sky and homework help.

Grow with the Flow
A 10-session project-based curriculum from Cornell University Extension.

Materials Science Education Activities
Educational modules based upon materials science and nanotechnology research done at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

NASA For Educators
Free teaching materials for students and teachers at multiple grade levels.

Digital Photography Tutorials
Tutorials about cameras, imaging, color, tips and techniques, and more.

Martindale’s Calculators On-Line Center
Online calculators and other resources relating to mathematics, agriculture, engineering, home, chemistry, food, and more.

NASA Aerodynamics Index
Links to slides, explanations, and animations of aerodynamics topics from the Glenn Research Center, including math and science fundamentals, aircraft forces, thrust, weight,the atmosphere, aircraft motion, lift and drag — even kites and baseballs.

NIGMS Publications
Free full-color publications to download from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, such as Inside the Cell, The Chemistry of Health, The Structures of Life, and Medicines By Design.

The Center for Innovations in Engineering and Science Education
Interdisciplinary projects based on real-time internet activities.

The University of Utah’s Genetic Science Learning Center has a great website on genetics. From the basics to virtual labs, you can find a variety of great information on this site.

Space Weather Compendium
The University of Colorado at Boulder’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics provides this site as part of their education program in space weather.

Space Science is for Everyone
This is a free guide from NASA about creating and using resources that are accessible.

Explore Learning
This site includes math and science resources with gizmos.

NCTM Illuminations
Resources for teaching math can be found on this site.

The Fabric-Flight Connection
A handbook detailing principles of flight, fibrous materials used in flight, the function of garments in relation to materials, resources, and activities that relate to flight and fabric; from Cornell University Extension.

Math Playground
Play with math and give your brain a workout on this site.

Print Free Graph Paper
Create and print many types of graph paper with a few clicks.

Brain POP
An engaging website that offers animated curriculum for science, math, engineering and technology, health, English, and social studies.

Kids’ Zone
Includes math quizzes, activities, and a tool for creating graphs.

Conversion Tables/Unit Conversion Online
Conversions for many common and exotic units.

The Khan Academy
Offers a multitude of video lectures in science, math, history, and finance.

Learn about the latest in science and technology.

American Museum of Natural History
Programs and resources for kids and teachers on topics such as biodiversity, earth science, astronomy, anthropology, and paleontology, from the American Museum of Natural History.

Engineering Your Future
Resources compiled by the American Welding Society.

World of Materials
Exploring materials engineering.

Optics Activities
Activities for students to investigate light, optics, and color.

Web Elements
This site includes one of the best periodic tables on the web.

Forging Facts
Explanation of how forgings are produced, from the Forging Industry Association.

Museum of Science and Industry
The museum features online science activities; apps are available.

The Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention & Innovation
Virtual exhibits, explorations, resources, and free downloads for teachers, students, and parents, from the Smithsonian Museum of American History.

NOAA Education
Teacher and student resources from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, on weather, climate change and our planet, oceans and coasts, satellites, and space.

NOAA’s Ocean Explorer
List of educational resources, inquiry-based learning activities, and professional development information, as well as links to spectacular videos, dynamic maps, and amazing photos.

Bridge-Related Links
Dozens of links from the Association for Bridge Construction and Design, Pittsburgh Chapter are found here.

Super Bridge
Companion website to the NOVA program “Super Bridge,” including the Build A Bridge game and links to bridge-related resources.

Free student and teacher modules to download to help students develop a deeper understanding of key mathematical concepts and their applications.

Math Resources
Links to math tutorials, formulas, calculators, and directories.

This website will not only solve any mathematical problem, but it will also provide the steps describing how to get the answer.

Live Science
Science, health, and technology news and videos.

Jefferson Lab
Activities, worksheets, puzzles, games, and programs designed to increase interest in engineering and technology, especially in under-represented groups.

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