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Individual Career Academic Plan

Individual Career & Academic Plan

The Individual Career & Academic Plan is a document that will guide individuals through the coursework and activities for achieving personal career goals.  An ICAP is a multi-year process that intentionally guides students and families in the exploration of career, academic and post-secondary opportunities. With the support of adults, students develop the awareness, knowledge, attitudes, and skills to create their own meaningful and powerful pathways to be career and college ready.

A personalized ICAP, simply put, is a roadmap that guides individuals through the coursework and activities for achieving personal career goals. An ICAP connects student’s high school and post-secondary educational experiences.

STEM Program of Study

Finding Technology Center Courses

Finding College Degree Courses

Oklahoma Career Guide 

Oklahoma Career Guide an easy online tool available for all Oklahoman's to explore and guide their future. You can take assessments, identify occupations, establish education plans and, ultimately, connect to employers. Whether you are a student searching for career and college options or an adult looking for a new career path, OK Career Guide is the powerful tool to provide all the career and educational resources you will need to chart your course for the future. Training Resources


Creating an Account on OkCareerGuide.org

  • Select Create an Account.
  • In the dropdown menu select MS or HS student and click next steps.
  • In the first step of the registration process, you will be asked to type the first three letters of your site, center, or organization. Typically, this will be the first few letters of your school name.
  • For example, type “Cen” to get a list of options that begin with those letters. From that list, you may locate and select “Central HS.”
  • During step three of the four-step registration process, you will create a username and password. Write it down or create a contact in your phone for the account.
  • Click Sign Me Up to complete the process.

My Education Plan on Oklahoma Career Guide

  • Login to OkCareerGuide.org
  • Select Ed Plan from dashboard menu
  • Add New Plan (College/CareerReady)
  • Fill in: Plan Name, School, Grade, Year
  • Select Create Plan Button
  • Add Courses with +
    • CareerTech Course are populated by Cluster

Work-Based Learning

Work-based learning (WBL) is a set of instructional strategies that engage employers and schools in providing learning experiences for students. WBL activities are structured opportunities for students to interact with employers or community partners either at school, a worksite or virtually, using technology to link students and employers in different locations. The FHI 360 Work-Based Learning Manual is a how-to guide with suggestions and tools for planning and conducting specific activities. Although district or school priorities and local partnership opportunities may vary, the manual provides information to implement each activity in the context of the complete WBL continuum.

Link to Manual


Cisco Networking Pathways

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