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Tech Connect Experience Program

TechConnect Program Overview


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TechConnect Program

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TechConnect is a career and technology education program designed to transition ninth and tenth grade students to the next level of career development. These programs provide foundational competency experiences by focusing on integration of rigorous academics, all aspects of the industry, employability and technical skills.


The programs shall fall under guidelines defined by ODCTE.

Program Scope and Duration

TechConnect is designed as a two-year program. A TechConnect program may be offered in a one-period format referred to as TechConnect or in a two-period format called TechConnect Two that contains expanded laboratory experiences. Each semester course, in the two years of instruction, focuses on all aspects of the industry and integrates technical, academic and workplace skills.

TechConnect programs will be structured so that students will experience a semester of classroom and laboratory training in a minimum of three career pathway areas. The career pathways for this program are based on the needs of students and the availability of business and industry partners. In the last semester of TechConnect students will take a capstone course, focused on all aspects of the industry, selected by the student and approved by the teacher from one of the TechConnect courses completed.

All courses are one-semester with the content area courses determined at the local schools from a list of appropriate courses as defined by ODCTE. Applicable course choices are defined within the respective TechConnect cluster area.


A full-time program will be defined as a minimum of four 1-period courses within a six-period schedule or a minimum of four courses and one related course in a seven-period schedule. A half-time program requires a minimum of two course offerings.

TechConnect Two

A full-time program will be defined as a minimum of two, 2-period courses within a school schedule. A half-time program requires a minimum of one, 2-period course offerings.


Program enrollment numbers shall be consistent with related career and technology program guidelines with particular attention given to local variables and available resources.

TechConnect is designed for students in grades 9 and 10.

TechConnect Two is designed for students in grades 9 and 10.

Instructional Content

A TechConnect program is designed to introduce students to a variety of clusters and pathways closely related to occupational content areas. A TechConnect program must align with the appropriate Career Cluster Plan of Study to ensure the proper sequencing of coursework and academic and technical rigor. Students will want to develop their own Career Cluster Plan of Study using one of the attached templates (see page 35).  Students may take interest and skills inventories to assist them in customizing their individual plans.

A program consists of at least three career pathway courses. Curriculum content of each of these courses is defined by Course Profiles, through the ODCTE. Each course in the program integrates technical, academic, and workplace skills through researched written and oral assignments in career pathway areas. The courses have a strong academic focus. For example, the Precision Machining course includes a high-level Trigonometry to figure angles needed in programming and requires logic and precision. This component helps the student identify potential career options/pathways and the academic expectations within the career area.

The last course in TechConnect programs is Career Aspects, a capstone course that focuses on all aspects of the industry selected by the student from one of the previous completed TechConnect courses. Career Aspects will include a shadowing experience and a student teacher negotiated in-depth application project.

Instructional Staff

Teacher certification shall be consistent with related career and technical program areas. Instructors shall work closely with the related programmatic instructor(s) at the Technology Center (where available). The sequencing and alignment of the TechConnect course's curriculum, training, tools/equipment and other skills will help students make an easy transition from the TechConnect program to advanced training. Instructors will need to continue to update their skills in the content areas. Teacher internships, job shadowing and in-service opportunities should be incorporated to keep instructors abreast of industry changes required for implementation into the content of their courses.

Equipment, Tools, and Supplies

TechConnect Program Profiles for each cluster area define the required and recommended equipment, tools, and supplies.


Defined by and through consultation with the appropriate Occupational Division of the ODCTE.

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