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T&I New Teacher Academy

T&I New Teacher Academy Teacher Certification New Teacher Academy Memo

T & I New Teacher Academy
July 15 & 16, 2014
Meridian Technology Center, Stillwater, OK

July 2014 New Teacher Memo from T&I State Program Administrator Jeff Huffman

July 2014 NTA Agenda



A Form 8 Statement of Qualifications must be on file in the Trade and Industrial Education office for all new teachers before any certification application can be processed.  The state staff will determine whether the application meets established standards.  If you have not submitted a Form 8 application please obtain and complete one to bring with you.  In addition, you must also have a T&I teaching certificate.  If you have not already taken care of this you will need to bring the appropriate application for a teaching license or certificate with you.  These forms are can be accessed from the Trade and Industrial Education website

Following is a checklist for completion of these forms:

Form 8 Statement of Qualifications

  • Complete entire Form 8 Statement of Qualifications.

  • Include references; complete with name, address, phone numbers, and title that can be verify your experience in the table area you are applying to teach.

  • List practical trade experience for at least three of the past five years.  (One year of experience may be waived for applicants with a B.S. degree in Trade & Industrial Education.)

  • Submit a copy of the highest education attainment (college transcripts, high school diploma, or certificate of high school equivalency.)

  • Submit a copy of any licenses or certifications relevant to the trade you will be teaching.

  • Any additional supporting evidence of trade work experience.

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