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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to the website?

I'm a first time user of the site, and do not know how to get logged in.

I forgot or lost my password, how do I get a new one?

My username is correct, but all my attempts at the password have failed and I need to reset my password and get logged back in.

Why does the website display wrong?

The website just doesn't look like right, seems like it isn't displaying correctly and I don't know why.

Visual Reference

The CareerTech homepage should appear similar to the below screen capture example:

ct united v01 home

A typical Page should appear similar to the below screen capture example:


Can we create simplified website pages for mobile devices like smartphones?

I would like simpler versions of our pages (without side-navigation) aimed at smartphones. Will this be an option?

  • Yes. To clarify, this website will strive towards having one copy of the content on the new website, and then use various presentation methods that work best for the device people are using to access that content.
  • Many mobile devices such as iPads and Blackberries have advanced browsers that allow for the website to appear the same as it would on a desktop computer browser, but easily zoom in to view, click, and consume content.
  • For example, if you have a page that contains general information about CIMC, it would look one way with a regular computer browser, but look another way with your mobile phone. This will require a joint effort between our Web Media Specialist and people willing to test various pages in mobile phones or smartphones.

Can we use QR codes to point to our website page(s)?

Can we use QR codes that upon being scanned will direct to a mobile friendly version of our web page(s)?

  • Yes. These can be set to point to the web address (URL) of any page you create in our site.

Quicker way to copy pages without code.

Do you need a quicker way to copy text from your old website and paste it into your new? This may be your answer.

  • With the Extended Copy Menu, you can copy content and strip the html without using Notepad.
  • Saves time by allowing you to copy with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Download here: Extended Copy Menu for Firefox

What is the difference between a File and a Page?

When should I create a page and when should I upload a file?

  • A File item is considered an "asset item" and is most commonly used as a hyperlink on a Page item. A Page item contains HTML code.

Will the navigation be alphabetically ordered?

How will the navigation in each area be organized?

  • Yes and No.
    Some areas of our site will be organized alphabetically, especially for areas like the state agency's internal divisions, or the technology centers navigation listing.
    Other pages will be organized based on one or more of the common methods listed below.

Example Navigation Classification Methods

Below is a list of the most common content classification methods, along with suggestions for what each is best for:

  • Most recent to oldest
    Suitable for time-sensitive content, like our News and Events sections.
  • Alphabetical
    Great for when the user needs to find something fast, like looking down a list of Technology Centers. This includes definitions, indexes and other content that users know about before they find it.
  • Most popular or most used
    Great for interest-based browsing, rather than content that users need. This will be seen on several landing pages, like the Homepage of our website.
  • Geographical
    When content is relevant to certain regions or sub-regions.
  • In the order of the process
    If the content in some way represents a process (for example, “How to sign up for a training course”), then it could be organized according to the order of actions the user has to take.

Will website analytics be available?

Can we view website analytic statistics for our website? How and what information would it include? I'd like to know how many people are visiting pages or content I've added.

  • Stats will be available after the site has been online and launched to the public for a month. Access to these will be provided either with link to a report you can download or we will provide a way you can view it right on a web dashboard.

Example Web Analytics

Preview this Sample Web Analytics Report and leave comments if this will provide the information you need. If not, explain details of what data is needed and how it will be used. Email the Web Media Specialist a screen capture or file of an existing example.

If I move an image, will it break the link to it?

If I have added an image on my page, and then move that image somewhere else on the site, will it break the link?

  • No.
    Our website is programmed to create links using UIDs. Applying these methods, links to objects on this site use unique object ids so that the links remain valid even if the target object is renamed or moved elsewhere on the site.
  • UID links on our CT UNITED Website insure our links will travel well.
  • Links created in our site use unique identifiers (UIDs), and this helps them not be broken even upon being moved to another area of our site.


If you move an original item, e.g. Content Item A, to another location after already having linked it on a page, then all is well and no links are broken. There are some exceptions to this insurance where your link to Content Item A might break:

  • If you delete the Content Item A. It will break the link because you made the item cease to exist. You will have to re-upload the item to the same place and ensure it has the same name.
  • If you move the Content Item A from its original location and then upload another content item, Content Item B, into Content Item A's original location and you named Content Item B the exact same name as the original Content Item A in that location then your link would display Content Item B. This may seem to break the original link to Content Item A if Content Item B is totally different. As you might guess, this would be a rare occurrence.

Is there a global search-and-replace function?

Is there a global search-and-replace function or some other way to update multiple files at once? I currently have several links to a particular page on another division's site, and I can't update those links yet because I don't know the new address of that page. Will I be able to make a global change once I know the new URL?

  • For links or text edits: You can globally search for the link, which would allow you to find all the pages it occurs on. Then you would need to edit each link on the page individually.
  • Per page you can do a search and replace of text or code (links, images, etc).
  • For renaming multiple items: You can use the Contents tab while on a folder and update multiple names of any content items all at once.

Improved Link Management

To help us manage our links better, if you link to an outside website or application, create a Link content type. Once you have completed this, you can then link to that Link content type whenever needed on other pages. If the need exists to edit that link in the future, you will be able to do so in one spot, by editing the Link content type.

How to add a Link Content Type

How do I link pages on new website to old website or documents that are on the g:drive?

How are you suppose to "link" pages that are linked to the old website or are linked to your g: drive or common network drive?

  • Edit your webpage links so that they point to content you have migrated into the CT UNITED website.
  • Avoid linking to old website or to network drives like the state agency G:\ drive.
  • Only exception for this is if you have an online HTML web form or application on your existing/old website. In those cases, refer to: How Do I Migrate my HTML Form or Online Application?

For correcting links that point to webpages on the old website

  1. Create your new Pages in CT UNITED. Visit How to Migrate a Page for details.
  2. Once migrated text and links from the old page into the new Page, edit any links you had within them to point to the new Pages you have created on CT UNITED.

For correcting links that point to files on the Old Website

  1. Upload Files into CT UNITED that you need available for people to download.
  2. Next, update any links you have on Pages to the Files in CT UNITED. This ensures links will work properly after the old website is unavailable.

TIP: After migrating a page, you may see links that have a world icon in front of them. These type of links represent External Links that point to the old site or something on a site other than CT UNITED. Select those links and re-link to the correct Page, File, or Image on your CT UNITED website.

What should I migrate first?

I need to migrate my existing or old website into CT UNITED, what should I start moving over first?

  • Folders - Most times, it will be easiest to create your Folders first. This will create a container to add your Pages (and other assets like Files and Images) in as well as create the all important Side-Navigation (which is similar to the side-navigation you've had to manually create in your HTML based CT Standard Website Templates).
  • Files and Images - The next step to really get things moving is to upload your assets from the old site. This would be items such as Files and Images.
  • Pages - After this only thing that is left is to add Pages, where you will copy the content portion as is from your old or existing site into CT UNITED.

Do you need a Page or just a Folder with the Files in it?

In cases where you just need a webpage that lists the Files(.PDFs, .DOCs, etc.) for people to access and download, all you will need is a Folder containing the Files within it. Our CT UNITED Website does the rest.

TIP: Have a lot of Files like PDFs or Images to upload? Use the Quick Upload portlet to upload multiple images and files at once. Then you can cut and paste buttons within the CT UNITED Website to move them where your intend location.

How do I migrate a Page?

What are the details of how I'm supposed to migrate an existing page in my HTML based CT Standard Website Template over to the CT UNITED Website?

How do I migrate Databases, HTML Web Forms, Online Applications, or Domains?

I have Microsoft Access databases, HTML web forms, custom online applications, vender/licensed web applications, and or Microsoft Word/Adobe PDF forms, how do I migrate these? We have a HTML web form on our existing site, when I copied it into a page the code was stripped out, how do I migrate this? We have an online application where our customers register or use to fill out forms for registration, how do we migrate them?

  • For first launch of CT UNITED Version 1.0, we will want to preserve all existing Microsoft Access databases, HTML web forms, custom online applications, vendor/licensed web applications, and or Microsoft Word/Adobe PDF forms as is for now. We need your help to accomplish this.
  • Only these Online Applications and Web Forms will be preserved and available after launch. Make sure the form you need is on the list. If it isn't on the list follow the steps below:

Steps to add HTML web forms or online applications to the master list for migration

  1. Compose email to the Web Media Specialist and include the following:
    • Web Form or Online Application Name - List the name you would use to refer people to the page
      (e.g. "Brainbench Testing Application - Log In page")
    • Location on the Web (URL Address) - Provide the URL address to the web form or application page
      (e.g. "")
    • Contacts - List specific contacts for this application or form. List who manages/receives information back from the form or application, and any programmer/editor of the form or application.
      (e.g. "Nancy Stevens (DPT Programmer) Carrie DeMuth (customer service rep. for this application))
    • Customers - List the primary customers that use this web form or online application
      (e.g. "Teachers, Students")
    • Purpose - Describe the purpose of this web form or online application. List out the process or steps you take with the form information or application data.
      (e.g. "Teachers use to both provide students' tests at the end of a course and to take a test on how to use Brainbench application itself; Students use to take competency tests for courses. Free through our state provided Brainbench agreement, available via a Brainbench fee otherwise.")
  2. The Web Media Specialist will post this information on the Online Applications and Web Forms and send confirmation via email reply.

How do upload multiple Files or Images at once?

I have many Files and or Images to upload. Is there a way to upload many items at a time into CT UNITED?

What is news?

What is the criteria for something to be considered newsworthy on the new website?

How do you delete extra lines between bulleted items?

I copied a document with bulleted items from old site to new site and the formatting did not all copy over correctly. I have an extra line between bulleted items and the wysiwig tool bar does not give me options nor can I manually correct it in the edit mode.

  • If it is truly an extra line, then your cursor will show up on it and you can backspace until you delete it. If you have attempted this and it still seems to have additional spacing that looks strange in your opinion, then the next step is to compare it to our Web Style Guide Examples Page.
  • If it matches the styles of bullets and/or numbered lists on the style page, then the styles you are seeing are globally set. No action is required, but if you would like to suggest a change then report by contacting the Web Media Specialist with your idea or concern.
  • If you see something other than what is in the style guide page, then report the issue to computer support or Web Media Specialist.

How do I publish content?

How do I publish content so the public can view? What is the workflow to make content internally published vs. externally visible? How do I submit items to be published?

How should I name content on the new site?

Can I have spaces in my file names? What naming conventions should we use for items in our new website? How should I name my files before I upload them.

  • For Titles of Content Items: Title them in the Title text field with Caps Case whenever possible. Keep Titles short and only use acronyms in conjunction with the full name first.
  • For physical files you plan to upload: Naming conventions of actual physical files should not include spaces between them. Instead use underscore or dashes in place of spaces prior to uploading the file.

Naming Example:

I am uploading CareerTech Fast Facts (PDF). My physical file I'm uploading is named "CareerTech Fast Facts.pdf". I would edit the file name to be "careertech-fast-facts-20111004.pdf" or "careertech_fast_facts_20111004.pdf", this removes spaces and also allows me to know what version of file it is by adding the date stamp to it. Next, I Add new... File content type on the site, browse and upload that document. Before or after I save, I add a nice Title in the Title text field of say "CareerTech Fast Facts (PDF)", then click Save button. This would show a nice title while also having a well named document file for the web.

Is there a sortable calendar?

Is there a way to have an actual calendar where they can see the upcoming events for our division only? They don't want to see the whole CareerTech calendar because so much of it doesn't pertain to them.

  • Internal Use: Via log in, you currently can create this in CT Central. CT Central makes it available for you to create a specific divisional calendar and sort what items from what people or areas you want to show up Contact Computer Support for how you can set these up.
  • External Use: You can provide the exact link to the CT Central calendar you want an unauthenticated visitor to view. Be careful, once they have this link, they will be able to view all items on that particular calendar..
  • You can add appropriate Tags to all events you create in this website. We are working on a solution to sort by these tags and therefore tailor the calendar view to however you prefer.

State Agency Itinerary Process Team - Cross Platform Calendar Project

This team is developing requirements for what is needed to accomplish this goal.

Where do I find Scholarships?

I'm a student. Where can I find scholarships and grant money? I'm a teacher looking for scholarship or grant money to continue my education. Where can I find them?


Whether you are a currently a student, aspiring to be a student, or the person teaching students, if you are looking for scholarships where you can obtain money awards or grants to help you as an individual-- You will find it under Students > Scholarships.

Distinguishing a difference between Scholarships/Awards VS. Funding and Grants

Why don't we have a separate area under Educators section for teacher scholarships?

Answer: We are making a distinction between scholarships and awards for individuals versus funding and grants for organizations and educational institutions.

We discovered that if teachers are looking for scholarships it is typical for one of the following reasons:

  1. To inform their students of available scholarship opportunities. View in Students > Scholarships.
  2. To obtain a scholarship themselves in order to continue their education or certifications. View in Students > Scholarships.
  3. Or, as a school educator or administrator, looking for funding and grants to help the whole of the school or technology center versus scholarships for individuals. View Funding and Grants for non-student, educational institution funding opportunities.

Why don't keywords used in my "search" show up in the results?

I typed in key words I know would be in the Title or Summary Description of the content and the search is presenting a bunch of PDFs and Word Documents that don't have these keywords in their Title or Summary Description. Why?

  • Currently our site search has the ability to search inside document file types and index the words and data within them. Often a PDF or MS Word Document File will have the keywords you typed in scattered throughout it. This is why they show up. Since this site search at the global level searches what before was 60 or more separate full websites... that adds up to a ton of files and pages.
  • Learn how to use the Global Search and narrow your search results. We will also work towards ways to present the more relevant pages and folder first, followed by the files that contain the key words within them second.

How can I style my webpage?

What styles are available to use? What guidelines and standards need to be followed on this website for pages and content?

What is a Change Note?

Where do I find change notes? How do I create change notes?

NOTE: If you have not completed WebTech training, then this feature will not be visible. Only roles that have Add and Edit rights on CT UNITED can see additional information of this sort.

  • What a Change Note is: A Change Note is an editor's notes of what he/she changed on a piece of content. In the WebTech role (having Add and Editing of content), change notes can be added to almost piece of content.
  • Where to find Change Notes: text.
  • text You can view Change Notes by viewing a content's History. This will open a pop up box that displays all changes and the descriptive change note(s) made by the editor(s) involved.
    Note: Change Notes made on a Working Copy will only visible while the content is in the "Checked Out" mode. When the Working Copy is "Checked In," these are removed as the content is merged with the original document and the copy that was used for the working copy is deleted.
  • How to add a Change Note: View the How to add and view Change Notes tutorial

Visual Examples

This screen captures shows the history link and how it is located under the main Title of page or content you view on the site. This type of additional information is only available to those with the rights to Add and Edit content, or has a role equal or greater to that of a WebTech:

ct united v01 history link to view change notes

This screen capture shows what happens after the History link is clicked, which opens the History Pop-up Screen where added change notes are viewable as well as a compare option and option to revert back to an older version:

ct united v01 history pop up screen to view change notes

How do I manually set the Publish and Expiration Dates?

I would like to create a content item now, but have it show up as published at future date. I would like a content item to expire on a particular date and time, so that it is not visible to the public.

How do I reorder items in a folder?

I need to move items up or down in a folder listing. I need to change the order of my side navigation. I need to reorder some items in a folder, but I do not have that icon in the left-side column that I'm supposed to be able to click and drag.

Having trouble viewing multimedia or a file?

I've downloaded a file and can't seem to open it with any program I have, what do I do? A page I've visited is supposed to show a video but all I see is an empty space or placeholder area, what now?

  • The nature of some content available to you may require additional plug-ins for it to be displayed. If you are having trouble with any media available through this website such as video or downloaded files of various types, please visit the Plug-ins page for help.
    Note: We will not require you to purchase any software or plug-in to view the content on our site. Any plug-ins needed are free or open source. If you need content in another format or form please contact the creator of the content for help first. Alternatively, if they are are unavailable you can Contact Support and indicate your issue and we will do the best we can to assist you.
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