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Having trouble viewing multimedia or a file?

I've downloaded a file and can't seem to open it with any program I have, what do I do? A page I've visited is supposed to show a video but all I see is an empty space or placeholder area, what now?


The nature of some content available to you may require additional plug-ins for it to be displayed.  If you are having trouble with any media available through this website such as video or downloaded files of various types, please visit the Plug-ins page for help.

NOTE: We will not require you to purchase any software or plug-in to view the content on our site.  Any plug-ins needed are free or open source.  If you need content in another format or form please contact the creator of the content for help first.  Alternatively, if they are are unavailable you can Contact Support and indicate your issue and we will do the best we can to assist you.

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