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Overview of Our New Website

Welcome! Let's take a moment to see what's changed on this new Oklahoma CareerTech website.


Welcome to the new CareerTech website.  Many new features have been implemented as we have unified our multiple sites into one content management system. Let's take a quick look at how things have changed.


The Look

New Graphical User Interface to match current brand identity:

Screenshot of the homepage of our new website.

View detailed explanation of the homepage features




New Navigation

New Customer-centered navigation puts the focus on helping you, the visitor, find content easier.

We are making efforts to organize content under major sections according to primary customers:

  • Students - Students of all ages looking to find out what the CareerTech Education system offers to them can find it in this section, along with other career planning resources.
  • Educators - Teachers, Instructors and Administrators can find information and resources in this section either by the educational area or career cluster.
  • Business and Industry - Businesses of all kinds, whether a large corporation or small start-up, will find how to develop your workforce and customized training met the new pressing demands of today.
  • About - Learn about the Career and Technology Education system, its essential delivery arms, its history, and what it can do for you. This section has general information and includes links to the CareerTech state agency pages.




Where did the old navigation ways go?

Everything was organized according the State Agency's Divisional structure before.  Division areas are still available, but only for information about the State Agency Divison.  These divisions now oversee the content and resources for the customers under the customer sections in the Global Navigation Bar Links:

View of the global navigation.

Our goal is to provide content directly under the primary customer sections, eliminating the need for you to know any unusual departmental naming conventions to find content relevant to you.

You may have been used to clicking a main banner link to some highlighted area or section of the site, here's where those links will reside and be updated at:

ct united v01 home portlet highlights demo




New Search Feature

You can search across the entire site!  To accomplish this, simply use the Global Search Bar:

ct united header global search bar crop


Live and Instant Search Results

The "Live Search" provides instant options as you type:


Live Search Feature shows the results as you type in the search bar, allowing you to quickly adjust your search till you find what you need.


Easy and Quick Way to Narrow Your Search

You can quickly narrow your search at any time and focus only on one section or area of the site at a time:

Easily narrow your search in the area you are currently viewing by selecting the checkbox.




Improved Homepage Features

Explanation of the Homepage Features.




Learn Even More

You can explore even more by viewing the following:



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