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How to Reset a Lost Password

Steps to take when you lost or forgot your password.

Quick Steps:

  1. Visit Lost Password Reset page and enter username, then click "Start password reset" button.
  2. Click the link in the email sent to you, it will take you to the Set your password form.
  3. Complete the form with your username, a new password, and confirm the new password, click "Set my password" button.

Detailed steps with visuals:

Follow the detailed steps below with visuals as reference.

1. Navigate to the Web Applications area.

On any page or Log In screen, you can link to the Web Application area. Click the link that reads Web Apps, and find the section titled "CT UNITED Website (Communications & Marketing Website)."

ct united web apps link

2. Click the Lost Password Reset link

Click the link that reads Lost Password Reset, and follow the on-screen steps:

Link to lost password reset form page

3. Enter your username, click Start password reset button.

When you click we can send you a new one link, you will be brought to a Lost Password Panel:

This shows a visual of the password reset screen where you: 1. Enter your username in the text field.  2. Click the Start password reset button.  If forgot username or your email has changed then contact computer support (#173).

After entering your user name into the input text field, click Start password reset.

4. Check your email for the unique reset link.

This will start the process and send you to the next information screen, Password Reset Confirmation Sent:

ct united password reset sent crop

Check your email and click the link provided.

5. Enter desired password, and click Save button.

This will allow you to change your password to something new and get logged in.

Set your password form screen capture

6. Confirmation of successful password reset.

Once password has been reset, the site will inform you that you can log in using your new password.

Screen capture of the "Password set" message.

After logging in to a CT UNITED website you will see some indication of your name in place of the Log in link:

Visual of how name appears where Log In link was when you get logged in successfully.

To additionally confirm you have reset your password to something you can confidently use again, Log out of the website, and then attempt Log in once more.  If all goes well, you have successfully reset your password. User Manual

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