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Joel Guthridge, Ph.D. - Great Plains Technology Center

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation Principal Investigator Dr. Joel Guthridge mentors and provides leadership at Great Plains Technology Center.

Then: A northwest Iowa farm boy who was used to high school science and math classes of five students. He felt underprepared for his first chemistry class of 800 students at the University of Iowa. Through his involvement with CareerTech, Guthridge can

  • Serve on Great Plains Technology Center’s Pre-Engineering and Biomedical Advisory Committees.
  • Help high school students better prepare for college and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics- related areas.
  • Mentor the GPTC Robotics Team.

Now: Guthridge provides leadership to CareerTech’s STEM programs, which use master teachers (often experienced professionals themselves) to help students integrate complex STEM concepts through hands-on learning.

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