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Eric Devore

Eric Devore now has an open road to pursue his interests in the truck driving industry.
Eric Devore

Portrait of Eric Devore

Central Technology Center, Drumright

THEN: After losing his job, Eric followed a career path that had interested him for a long time. The Professional Truck Driver program at CTC helped Eric

  • Learn driving and road safety skills and prepare for the Commercial Driver’s License.
  • Complete training quickly, landing jobs with U.S. Express Trucking, then Sinclair Trucking.
  • Earn prestigious awards including 2007 Rookie of the Year, 2009 first-place winner of the Oklahoma 5-axel Championship, 28th best tanker truck driver in the nation and first perfect score on pre-trip inspection since national truck-driving competition began in the 1930s.

NOW: Eric has driven cross country in 48 states and Canada, choosing now to be close to home. Specializing in Hazardous Materials Transportation hauling gas and diesel fuel for Solar Transport, Eric earns at least $60-65,000 a year doing exactly what he loves to do and, he says, "That's priceless."

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