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David Kelly - Francis Tuttle Technology Center

Once unsure of future goals, David Kelly found passion for the health industry through membership in HOSA.

THEN: Transferring high schools, enrolling late, and learning a health class was required. David had no interest in a health-related career, but the only class available to meet the requirement was Health Careers at Francis Tuttle, which required membership in the student organization HOSA. Francis Tuttle and HOSA helped David to:

  • Grow as a leader and become more outgoing by giving speeches.
  • Become State HOSA president and first National HOSA president-elect from Oklahoma since 1992.
  • Find his passion for the health industry, impacting his future plans.

NOW: Serving as national HOSA president, David will soon start his senior year at Edmond Memorial High School. He plans to attend college and major in biochemistry with a pre-med option. One day he hopes to be a doctor, possibly in trauma surgery.

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