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Sheila Ray - Wes Watkins Technology Center

Overcoming gender differences, Sheila Ray excels in the HVAC program while earning credentials for a high-wage job.

Then: A woman with 25 years of construction experience who was unable to get high-wage jobs. Sheila Ray discovered her employment was limited by her gender and lack of certifications in this male-dominated industry. Wes Watkins Technology Center helped Sheila:

  • Become certified in basic plumbing, electrical, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning and carpentry.
  • Pass the EPA Universal Technician license test for working with refrigerants.
  • Look past gender differences and focus on her skills and interests in the programs.

Now: Sheila continues her education at WWTC in the HVAC program while competing in SkillsUSA competitions.

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