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Tyler Hallmark - Central Technology Center

Central Technology Center opens gates for Tyler Hallmark.
Tyler Hallmark - Central Technology Center

Tyler Hallmark

THEN: A high school student who watched classmates competing in Business Professionals of America contests. Deciding to join them in Central Technology Center’s Business and Information Technology course, Tyler

  • Earned 28 hours of college credit while still in high school.
  • Learned to defend a position, gain and keep control of a meeting and win a debate.
  • Developed computer skills, managerial skills and office procedures.

NOW: Tyler was awarded the Gates Millennium Scholarship, which funds his undergraduate degree at the university of his choice adding up to around $400,000. He served as a policy assistant on American Indian and Alaska Native Education in Washington D.C. last summer and is now a senior at the University of Colorado in Boulder pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communications.

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