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Larry Watkins - FFA

Larry Watkins learns the skills to help others through FFA.
Larry Watkins - FFA

Larry Watkins

THEN: A 14-year-old Purcell High School freshman whose potential was recognized by his agricultural education instructor. Larry Watkins became involved in FFA and learned

  • How to prepare and deliver a speech.
  • How to work and compete on a team.
  • How to care for livestock animals such as swine, cattle and horses.
  • How to lead.

NOW: With a bachelor’s degree in agricultural education from Oklahoma State University and two years in the U.S. Army, Larry taught at Purcell High School for five years before moving into the business world for a more family-friendly work schedule. He served as executive vice president and chief executive officer for 31 years at the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives. Larry is now retired and works with horses on his ranch near Stillwater.

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