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Mary Welch - Meridian Technology Center

Mary Welch constructs a sustainable life through Meridian Technology Center.
Mary Welch - Meridian Technology Center

Mary Welch

THEN: A young woman wanting to create a sustainable-living lifestyle. Mary graduated high school early and went to work for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms in Maui. Upon returning to Stillwater she decided to enroll in the construction and masonry courses at MTC where she

  • Learned fundamental concepts of each trade.
  • Developed skills to apply toward more environmentally sound construction projects.
  • Gained insight from two professionals in their fields.

NOW: Mary participated in a sustainable construction workshop with the California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture and hopes to participate in an apprenticeship. She has an internship with a Stillwater furniture designer. Mary’s desire is to maximize her contribution to society while minimizing what she takes from the earth.

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