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Mitchell Frey - Kiamichi Technology Center

Mitchell Frey tackles Pre-Engineering to prevail in college.
Mitchell Frey - Kiamichi Technology Center

Mitchell Frey

THEN: An Idabel High School football player that realized academics needed be his first priority. Mitchell’s counselor mentioned the Pre-Engineering Academy at KTC. Knowing little about engineering, Mitchell checked it out, liked what he saw, and was accepted into the program where he

  • Learned advanced math and science such as trigonometry, calculus, chemistry and physics.
  • Received hands-on training using labs and equipment.
  • Developed public speaking skills.
  • Realized he wanted to become an engineer.

NOW: While interested in mechanical and chemical engineering, Mitchell is attending Oklahoma State University majoring in electrical engineering. Mitchell will pursue an internship this summer to decide where he wants to work after completing his bachelor’s degree. He says the best thing he did in his high school career was deciding to pursue pre-engineering at KTC.

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