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Ricky Shriner - Central Technology Center

When cancer hit close to home, Ricky Shriner decided to hit back.
Ricky Shriner - Central Technology Center

Ricky Shriner

THEN: Learning that his grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. A Bristow High School student, Ricky enrolled in the biomedical science program at Central Tech to learn about chemistry that could help kill the disease. In the program he

  • Learned about DNA structure, the chemical composition of lipids and proteins and genetics.
  • Discovered career fields related to his interests.
  • Developed research skills through class work, job shadowing and assistantships.

NOW: A plant and biochemistry major at Oklahoma State University, Ricky is an undergraduate research assistant working on DNA extractions from soil. After graduation, he hopes to enter the medical field to develop medicine from plants to treat cancer.

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