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Hokett Construction, Inc. - Southwest Technology Center

Hokett Construction seizes opportunity to expand its market.
Hokett Construction, Inc. - Southwest Technology Center

Shane Hokett, owner

THEN: A family owned and operated business of 37 years serving communities in southwest Oklahoma. When the owner’s son returned from college to run the family business, he met the Oklahoma Bid Assistance Network and business and industry coordinators at SWTC who, at little or no company cost, helped him

  • Take advantage of training for safety, fire safety, personal protective equipment and hazardous conditions and staying in compliance with government regulations while working with general contractors.
  • Stay connected with decision-makers and informed about opportunities with local, state and federal requests for proposals and contracts.
  • Save time and money using the SWTC Plan Room to identify prospective projects, print plans and specifications.

NOW: Hokett continues to expand its markets and positively affect the state’s economy, keeping tax dollars local by employing local skilled workers.

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