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Climate Craft Inc. - Metro Technology Center

Climate Craft reduces costs and grows employee base.
Climate Craft Inc. - Metro Technology Center

Bud White, vice president of operations and Joe Cappello, president of Climate Craft Inc.

THEN: An industry leader in the manufacturing of custom air handling units. Three years ago, Climate Craft Inc. needed to reduce labor costs with new employee training to gain a competitive edge in the health care, institutional, pharmaceutical, commercial and industrial markets. Metro Tech’s Lean 101 training provided Climate Craft

  • New employees with tools to reduce waste and system defects.
  • Processes to improve productivity, staff morale and customer service.

NOW: The reduction in labor costs has allowed Climate Craft to grow 30 percent from an employee base of 143 to 199 in three years. The economic impact of the company’s new employees on the Oklahoma City area equals approximately $1,347,840 in wages.

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