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Randy Perry - Marketing Education and DECA

DECA re-directs self-motivated Randy Perry, fueling his potential.
Randy Perry - Marketing Education and DECA

Randy Perry

Then: A 1973 high school junior at Putnam City West in Oklahoma City with years of back-breaking work experience – doing anything to make a buck. A combined effort of two DECA advisers in Oklahoma City encouraged Randy to enroll in marketing education and become a DECA member where he

  • Applied hard work, new skills of accountability and a different outlook about what is important.
  • Learned to be accountable, to respect boundaries and how to make things happen.
  • Gained confidence as a leader and mentor, serving as chapter president and earning the State Student of the Year award in 1974.

Now: Randy Perry, vice president of Fentress Oil, has been in the lubricants and fuel business since 1978 and has an extensive knowledge in the lubricant industry. He has been a partner in Fentress Oil Co. since 1984. The company has grown from a $3 million company to a more than $40 million company supplying major manufacturing facilities, government installations, construction companies, airlines, and truck stops.

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