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Kathy Morris – Moore Norman Technology Center

Norman esthetician Kathy Morris turns back the clock, one facial at a time.
Kathy Morris – Moore Norman Technology Center

Le Visage esthetician Kathy Morris performs a Smart Lift procedure.

THEN: A pre-teen, asking her mother for a skincare-themed birthday party. Interested in holistic skin care for as long as she could remember, Kathy enrolled in the cosmetology/esthetician program at Moore Norman Technology Center. For much less money than similar training at a private beauty school would cost, through Moore Norman’s training, Kathy

  • learned skills including time management, sales, budgeting and stress management.
  • became the first in the state to receive a master instructor’s license in esthetics.
  • raised a family while running her own business.

NOW: For 22 years, Kathy has owned the well-known LeVisage Day Spa in Norman. One of LeVisage’s estheticians studied under Kathy at MNTC, and her spa manager is enrolling in the esthetician program this fall. Kathy said employees coming from MNTC are better prepared for the job than those from private training programs. Kathy credits MNTC for changing her life.

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