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Seth Eilerts - Metro Technology Center

Aviation CareerTech graduate plans attempt to break world aircraft record.
Seth Eilerts - Metro Technology Center

Seth Eilerts wants to break a world altitude record.

THEN: A Northwest Classen High School graduate, unsure which direction his life would take. An interest in building vintage motorcycles led him to Metro Tech’s aviation program, where he discovered that building airplanes could lead to a career. After completing that program, Seth:

  • Graduated from Metro Tech’s Aviation Careers Campus and received his airframe and powerplant license.
  • Used earned college credits from Metro Tech to continue his education at Oklahoma City Community College, majoring in pre-engineering.
  • Transferred to the University of Oklahoma, where he is studying aerospace engineering.

NOW:  Seth is part of an engineering team at the University of Oklahoma where he is a student. They are designing a modification to an aircraft and engine that will enable a piston-powered aircraft set in 1938 to try and break a world altitude record. Seth’s teammates say his hands-on application experience from Metro Tech makes him a valued asset to the team.

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