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Tanner Bowen - Wes Watkins Technology Center, Wetumka

Biomedical Science Academy feeds Tanner Bowen’s hunger to learn more.

THEN: A junior at Weleetka High School with a compelling interest in science. Tanner felt classes offered at his high school would not satisfy his desire to learn, so he enrolled in the Biomedical Science Academy at WWTC, where he

  • Gained knowledge in potential career options offered in scientific careers.
  • Acquired a sound foundation of laboratory techniques and procedures he would not have learned in normal high school science classes.
  • Developed critical thinking skills by solving complex scientific questions to real-life problems and diseases.

NOW: Because of the experience he gained at WWTC, Tanner won the Fleming Scholar Internship, a competitive scientific research summer internship at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. Not only did he spend eight weeks in vascular biologist Courtney Griffin’s lab studying the causes of endothelial cell death during vascular development, but he also formed professional relationships with scientific researchers at the top of their fields. Tanner is now a freshman at Oklahoma Christian University studying cellular and molecular biology.

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