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Allie Dorr – Francis Tuttle Technology Center

Cosmetologist combines college and CareerTech as she plans to open her own salon and spa.
Allie Dorr – Francis Tuttle Technology Center

Cosmetologist Allie Dorr got her training at Francis Tuttle Technology Center.

THEN: An Edmond North High School student who wanted a free haircut. Allie Dorr stopped by a Francis Tuttle Technology Center booth at her school. She says when the recruiter talked about the tech center’s cosmetology program she heard two things: “free training” and “free haircuts on Fridays.” Allie signed up, and that became her Plan A.

She got her cosmetology license a month after high school graduation and then went on to Plan B, in case she “didn’t want to do hair and nails forever.” Plan B was to get a college degree. Plan A was her ticket to get there.

 Working as a cosmetologist during college gave Allie:

  • The flexibility to set her work hours around homework and class schedules.
  • The ability to work fewer hours than her classmates because cosmetology paid better than the part-time jobs her friends had.
  • The motivation and drive to work toward her goals and her Plan C.

NOW: A graduate of Oklahoma State University with a degree in marketing and a minor in entrepreneurship. The young cosmetologist plans to open her own salon in a few years. She credits her cosmetology instructors for giving her a plan for life after high school and says she’s glad she found something she enjoys, early in life.

“It’s easy to do something you love and not just go to a job,” she said.

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