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Kennedy Ogee – Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center

High school girl shifts gears from taxidermy to hot rods.
Kennedy Ogee – Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center

EOCTC student Kennedy Ogee

THEN: A high school junior who thought she wanted to be a taxidermist, with parents who wanted her to learn automobile maintenance. Enrolling in a class at EOCTC, Kennedy discovered she had a passion for how cars work. Because of her passion, automotive instructor Jim LaFevers recruited her for his competitive engine rebuild team.

 In her two years on the team and in the program, she and her teammates

  • Earned thousands of dollars in scholarships.
  • Learned basic automotive maintenance.
  • Learned how to rebuild an engine – fast!
  • Developed resumes and interviewing skills.

NOW: Her speed and precision (and small hands) helped the EOCTC team win the national 2014 SEMA Hotrodders of Tomorrow Engine Build Contest. A high school senior, Kennedy plans to use her scholarships to attend the School of Automotive Machinists in Houston. Prior to graduation, she was offered jobs in the automotive field, including a personal invitation to join the team of legendary National Hot Rod Association drag racer Tony Schumacher.


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