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Samaritan Emergency Medical Services – Tulsa Technology Center

Putting an eBay purchase of two ambulances into overdrive, Samaritan EMS serves clients with heart.
Samaritan Emergency Medical Services – Tulsa  Technology Center

Samaritan Emergency Medical Services Owner/Director Charles Vetters, right, and Brett Selvidge vice-president, business development

THEN: A paramedic/EMT husband/wife team since 1984. In 2008, with a purchase of two ambulances from eBay, this bootstrapping couple started their own standby ambulance service for specialty events like race tracks, concerts and football games. Because of Tulsa Technology Center’s OBAN coordinator the company has

  • Put in place a plan to ramp up beyond a husband-and-wife team and bid on government contracts.
  • Qualified for financing with a small business lender.
  • Earned government-preferred certification as a service-disabled veteran-owned small business.

NOW: Samaritan is serving several small Oklahoma municipalities and Tinker Air Force Base in Midwest City. With a fleet of 13 ambulances, including ground transport for the University of Oklahoma Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the company now has 50 employees – 40 percent of whom are military veterans. All but four employees are licensed paramedics or EMTs.


"When my wife and I started our business, it was not our intention to do business with the government. Now that we have seen how it works, our goal is to serve a client base that is 40 percent federal government and 60 percent state and local. This would never have happened without our OBAN coordinator."

"Our goal is to grow our own company. Most emergency medical technicians and paramedics in Oklahoma are trained through the CareerTech System and all are tested there. Most of our leadership included."

Charles Vetters, NRP, Owner/Director
Samaritan Emergency Medical Services


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