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T. McDonald Construction Inc. – Kiamichi Technology Center, Eufaula

T. McDonald Construction makes tracks from a backyard backhoe to one of Eufaula's largest employers.
T. McDonald Construction Inc. – Kiamichi Technology Center, Eufaula

T McDonald Construction President/CEO Tubby McDonald

THEN: In the early 1990s, four employees working from home and using a backhoe on small jobs. In 2005, they learned about government contracting, but needed help to qualify. They contacted Kiamichi Technology Center, and the KTC bid assistance network coordinator has helped T. McDonald Construction by

  • Sending daily governmental bid reports that match the company's capabilities and connection with firms for general contracting and subcontracting.
  • Providing training in government-mandated certified payrolls and writing requests for proposals.
  • Investing in a plan room and plotter for enlarging plans and making copies.
  • Assisting with federal certification applications for a highly competitive bidding position.

NOW: A fleet of 10- and 18-wheelers and more than 20 employees are busy with the company's largest client, the state of Oklahoma. Bidding on anything in Oklahoma east of Interstate 35, T. McDonald is one of the largest employers in the area, with a $150,000 per month payroll. The company also has ongoing projects in area municipalities and received the U.S. Department of Agriculture 2011 Natural Resources Conservation Service Small and Disadvantaged Business Contractor of the Year award for Oklahoma.


"The most significant service provided by our OBAN coordinator was in writing a request for proposal. He linked us with a company to help, and we were the successful bidder, which resulted in two multimillion dollar solicitations within three weeks."

Julie McDonald, Vice President
T. McDonald Construction Inc.

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