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Pedro N. Moreno – SkillsUSA – Tulsa Technology Center

Poor test scores and attitude mask Pedro Moreno's potential and passion for learning.
Pedro N. Moreno – SkillsUSA – Tulsa Technology Center

Pedro N. Moreno

THEN: Poor test scores and grades, a negative attitude towards school, unable to find his place in the traditional high school setting. Without passion, Pedro was at risk of "floating through" school. The electrical program and SkillsUSA at Tulsa Tech helped Pedro

  • Learn the principal knowledge of electrical technology and construction .
  • Meet like-minded students that shared his new passion for leadership, education and technology.
  • Receive leadership and skills for an attitude of success, personal accountability and professional development.

NOW: Using skills in the electrical field, Pedro paid his way through college, earned a bachelor's degree in electrical and instrumentation engineering with honors from Oklahoma State University and is now a senior electrical and instrumentation engineer for QPS Engineering, LLC in Tulsa. Selected to represent the engineering department in a study abroad program in Bangkok and Thailand, Pedro took classes at King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok.


The decision of joining Tulsa Tech was the major turning point in my life, a decision that has had a domino effect of success that I continue to benefit from every day. My goal is to pass down the same enthusiasm for learning and technology to students who need help finding their untapped potential.”


Pedro N. Moreno
Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer
QPS Engineering LLC


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