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Shilog – Kiamichi Technology Center, McAlester

From baby bibs to bomb blasting caps, OBAN teams Shilog and manufacturers with the goal of winning federal contract dollars.
Shilog – Kiamichi Technology Center, McAlester

Connie Clemons, Shilog office manager, contracts and billing

THEN: A small, family-owned business providing medical products to clients since 1984. Because of Bud Gaberino's military experience and background, the owners decided to expand services that connect other companies with products and services to government agencies. Working with Kiamichi Technology Center's OBAN coordinator since 2006, the company has been able to

  • Save time to assist clients.
  • Stay current on open governmental bid solicitations through daily emails and website searches.
  • Expand into manufacturing, fabrication and other nonmedical products and services.
  • Research prospective companies for contact names, bids and last bid price ranges for a competitive starting point.

NOW: Shilog helps to keep people working in companies in the southeast quadrant of the state. In some cases, companies working with Shilog have garnered so much business, they have had to hire more employees to fulfill contracts.


"Federal government contracting is all about timing, communication, follow up and follow through. Because of Ron's ability to communicate in the business arena and find the right match for Shilog, this year we have teamed with a brush hog manufacturer, wood preservative supplier, packaging material distributor and hardwood lumber manufacturer to win federal contracting dollars."

Bud Gaberino, President and CEO

"Government contracting is a really competitive market. Sometimes a $3 million bid is missed by a penny a pound. That's where OBAN's knowledge comes in handy. Our OBAN coordinator knows what bids went for the last time so we can have greater chance at winning the bid.

Connie Clemons, Office Manager, Contracts and Billing

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